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      User Avatarfacundo

      Hi Petko,


      I am trading with GBPUSD and it is losing in some strategies. I wonder if you recomend something in particular to validate with GBPUSD


      Another thing. I have a standard account and the spread is >10 sometimes 12. But i pay no commission. Do you recomend me to move to a Pro account with 1 lot = 7 USD but spread below <10?



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      Hello Facundo,

      could be you are just hitting such a period with your strategies. Did you run Monte Carlo for them?

      It is up to you about the commission and the spread, I think at the end of the day it is one and the same thing.



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      User Avatarfacundo

      Hi Petko,


      yes I ran montecarlo and also this OOS 10% to not over optimized. I didnt get many strategies but some won some were loss.

      About Spread. I am asking because you were saying in one of the courses that we need to have a spread lower than 10 to have profitable strategies.




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      Yeah, actually, GBPUSD spread above 10 is a lot…which is the broker you are using?

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      User Avatarfacundo

      Axitrader.   with a Pro account paying 7 USD Lot they dont have that spread

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      I guess it is just normal. With JFD for example, it is 6 dollars commission per lot.

      If you can open the two types of accounts in a Demo, and place there same 10 EAs, for example. If you trade them for one week you will see which one will be the better choice.


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      User Avatarfacundo

      thanks for the tip

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      You are welcome!

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