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      User AvatarDavid Hanlon

      Hello, I am at the Verification and would appreciate some help on two points.

      1. I have been unable to complete the download of  the Verification stage EA from Petko’s FTMO course. I have an old Sony Vasio laptop that uses Window7. I’ve been able to paste the EA under “Experts” under “MQL5” but it doesn’t show up in Navigator. I used the WinRar app for this. The icon shown for the EA is a blank paper which makes me think something hasn’t connected or has not been formated. Any ideas?

      (I should confess that through a mistake on my part my computer reads downloaded files using the Media Player app. Can anyone please suggest a way I could undo this?)

      2. If, in the end I am unable to open the Verification do you think another Trading View EA would do the job such as the FTMO EA (the one you pay for) or the Waka Waka EA?

      Thanks for any help you can offer.

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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hi David,

      For the wrong file type just do the following:

      1. Right click the file and select “Open With”

      2. Check the box to say always open with selected program

      3. Navigate to any metaeditor.exe file and all should be well

      Let me know how it goes.

      I trade my own Robots so am currently unfamiliar with Petkos process, I will review and get back to you. Usually I personally just use the same EAs that passed the challenge but lower the risk to about 70% of what I used for the challenge.

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      User AvatarDavid Hanlon

      Hello Samuel, I have now managed to compile the file. Thanks very much for your help.

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