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      User AvatarAlan Northam

      The following is the true performance over the last 5 trading days.  With v5.0 you cannot determine the true performance over a given time frame by comparing the profit or loss of each robot in a demo account.  The reason for this is that the SL is not the same for each robot and therefore the lot size for each robot is different if you equate each robot with the same risk.  To determine the true performance for these robots I have used EA Studio.

      Performance last 5 days
      XAUUSD 4.55%
      USDCHF 0.68%
      AUDCHF 0.66%
      AUDUSD 0.50%
      USDCAD 0.15%
      EURAUD 0.00%
      GBPAUD -0.04%
      EURUSD -0.67%

      Performance last 30 days
      USDCHF 2.50%
      AUDUSD 1.31%
      GBPAUD 1.07%
      XAUUSD 0.96%
      EURAUD 0.57%
      USDCAD -0.30%
      EURUSD -0.63%
      AUDCHF -1.19%


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      User Avatarpabs labs

      I use    https://www.cashbackforex.com/tools/position-size-calculator  to correctly calculate a position size for 1% risk per trade given the SL in pips that each of the v5.0 robots are using.


      Thanks for the results Alan.

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        User AvatarAlan Northam

        I use a calculator as well :o)


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      User Avataralexdergrosse_88

      Hello, the lot sizes are imported via the set files. There is a fixed calculation for each pair. I don’t need to calculate anything myself for this version (V5.0). So my account runs in the default settings.
      The FTMO account has been running since 10.11.23. Here are my figures……
      Let’s see if it runs better in the coming week….


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      User Avataralexdergrosse_88

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      User Avataralexdergrosse_88

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