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    Hello traders!

    Finally, we have the Free Forex Historical data App on our website!


    The data comes from Ducascopy tick data, which is the most popular complete data — no missing bars or gaps.

    Thanks to Forex Software LTD and Mr. Popov, the data was converted from ticks to bars, and we can use it easily in EA Studio and FSB Pro.

    This solves the issue with the small amount of data from your broker when you open an account.

    Please, test it and see how it goes. I will be glad to hear any feedback, and I will record some videos about it soon.




    Cone D

    Hello Petko,

    I am so happy that have free Forex Historical data because my broker provides maximum 5000 bars. I will download the Data for EURUSD and GBPUSD and generate strategies over it! And then I will backtest the Experts over my historical data and see if the results are promising.

    Anyway, I will change the broker!

    Thanks for the app. It’s safe a lot of time to connect bars.




    This is fantastic news!

    Big thanks to Miroslav and his team for providing this for us, and for free… wow! 🙂

    Can I ask if it is recommended to only use Dukascopy as a broker for this data, or if it can be used with other brokers?





    Hello Simon,

    I am still testing the new free Forex historical data, too early to say.

    What you can do is to generate strategies with the new data, and recalculate it with your Historical data.

    This way, you will see if the data is similar.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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