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      User AvatarSimon

      Hi Petko and team,


      Nothing trading related!


      I’m not sure if any other forum and course users are affected by this, but quite often, I have difficulty replying to posts because it says I need to be logged in to do so, even though I’m already logged in. It will let me reply to some posts, but not others… and of course it has let me create this post!

      Is it something you guys can take care of?

      The other thing is that as I work through the courses, my progress is not updated – courses I have completed are labelled as failed, courses I have made a start on are not shown in the “in progress” tab, and although I would love to take the quizzes, when I click on the link to them, there is nothing there, is this also something that can be taken care of?


      Many Thanks!


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      Hello Simon,

      Thanks for the feedback. We will have a look at the issue with the login. Did you try to refresh or clear your cache?

      Regarding the progress of the courses, we are aware of that. This is because of the software we use, it recognizes the course as 2 hours(if it is 2 hours long) but the users do not watch it at one breath. So when it takes longer it might show as failed. But it is not.

      I will inform the team to have a look at those things. Thanks indeed!

      Petko A


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      User AvatarSimon

      Thanks Petko,

      Yes, I have tried refreshing, and logging out and back in again.



Viewing 2 reply threads
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