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      User AvatarAndi

      Hello all,

      I saw that Petko added assignments to some of the Forex trading courses, and I thought it will be reasonable to have a separate topic where everyone who completes an assignment can share it with the others.

      So let me go first. This assignment is from the course Top 5 Gold Expert Advisors in 2019 + 10 EAs included

      Question 1

      Choose a trading broker and open a Demo account to test the Expert Advisors.

      My answer: I have selected a broker, it was an Australian broker and I started with a Demo account of $1000.

      Question 2

      Download the Expert Advisors from lecture 9 and follow the instructions on how to place them on MetaTrader.

      Yes, I downloaded the Expert Advisors, placed them on the Gold charts and I saw the smiley face. All good 🙂

      Question 3

      Connect your Demo account with a statistical website (like FX Blue) to follow the results.

      Yeah, FX BLue works great for me, and I use it for many accounts now.

      Question 4

      Think of your own rule that you want to follow when selecting the top Expert Advisors.

      My rule that I follow the 10 Gold EAs from Petko is :

      • min 5 trades
      • min $50 of a profit
      • min 1,2 Profit Factor

      Question 5

      Which is the top one Expert Advisor for you?

      This month the 10 EAs were updated from Petko, and it is still hard for me to say which ones are the best… I will complete this one at a later stage.

      I believe the assignments will be useful to everyone. We will exchange experience this way.

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      User AvatarWiz

      Hello Andi,


      How is your performance using the EAs for Gold since 2019?

      Is Gold a good asset to trade with using EAs with your chosen broker?


      Thank you very much.



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      User AvatarPete

      I am quite happy with the EAs from the Gold course. I have been using them for about a year now.

      What I do is to place them on a Demo and separate just the top 3 in my live. So far I get an average of 15-20% a month.

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