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      Greetings traders,

      Our objective is to streamline processes and mitigate risks for our traders. Consequently, we’ve integrated various EAs onto live accounts and showcased the outcomes (complete with track records) on our website!

      We started trading the Forex Gold Investor on 2 live accounts:

      Live Trading Accounts

      Forex Gold Investor has been activated on a small $200 live account with BlackBull, and a $1000 Live account with FXView. It’s important to acknowledge that this operates as a scalping robot so it is suitable for a small account.

      However, do not take the amount as a piece of finencial advice. It is a personal choice with how much you would be trading. We want to test it on Live and share it with you! 🙂

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      User AvatarEric Carrier

      I have had this EA up and going since the 18th of march 2024 and haven’t had a single trade initiate. i followed the guides to the letter but have yet to see a trade. what am i doing wrong? can you assist me on this?

      Same for trend matrix ea. every pair is setup and i used the set files precisely how it was directed but i have no trades there either! could you help me out so i can start seeing these EA’s perform? i would think with 15 pairs running SOMETHING should have initiated by now.

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        User AvatarAlan Northam

        Hi Eric,

        Sorry to hear you are having problems getting The Gold Investor to start trading. Unfortunately our trader who trades this robot has not been available for the last few days. In the interim, you can contact the creator of this robot at the following link who can help you resolve your issues:



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      User AvatarEric Carrier

      This is what i get with the forex gold trader but there are zero trades. not from this EA or gold scalper pro or trending matrix ea… wish i could get this to take trades. followed all guidance alert pop up but no trades

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        User AvatarBleon Ilazi

        Hello Eric

        I had the same Problem. You probably logged in with the investor Password which cant open Orders. Try to log in with the master Password it then should be able to open orders again.

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      User AvatarMatt

      Hi Gents, How’s it going now?
      Any luck yet?

      Well done Eric in following all the instructions.

      Here’s 2 options that might’ve slipped by in the setup.  In the EA setup, or press F7 on the chart with the robot on it, the “Common” tab needs “allow algo trading” to be ticked.

      And of course the green box up the top of MT.

      The Gold Inv “too many trades” alert will go away. It’s happened to me also. Perhaps when it makes a trade, that alert won’t be necessary.

      Let me know if this helps or not.

      algo trading

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      User AvatarIlan Vardy

      Greetings Traders,

      We want to inform you about the substantial drawdown experienced by the Forex Gold Investor on Friday, April 12th. Following our direct communication with the developers, they are taking swift action to resolve this issue and are enhancing the EA with additional daily drawdown protections to prevent similar incidents in the future. Furthermore, Petko will be creating a video to discuss the drawdown in detail, which will be published on our YouTube channel in the coming days. It’s important to remember to trade all EAs with conservative lot sizes to manage risk effectively!.

      Trade safe,


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      User AvatarTrader Matt

      Well said Ilan, and now we have the amazing version 1.94 Gold Investor to trade with, with Daily DD and Max Equity protections to make the EA even better.

      I hope you receive yours soon and you have happy trading.


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