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      User AvatarPeter Sam

      dear all i would like to know your advice about trading commodities with ea? About forex ea we have discussed a lot and Petko shared a lot of his experience about portfolio of forex ea. I think i am ready with mine. So now i started looking into commodities and build a portfolio there as well. I want to know if someone did it already and i will be very thanks full to share an experience.
      I know that there will be problem with the futures that most of the brokers are using…the pause in the market and all the negative in the commodities..so i wonder whether to start it all or not. I hope s.o. can give me an idea, or should i stay with the easy forex ea wheare i have experience already.

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      Dear Peter,

      sure you can give it a try. The good thing is that FSB Pro and EA Studio will create you the ea as it does with forex ea if you upload the historical data. The question is about the risk? How you will diversify it?

      I will give you my point of view, do not take it as advise alright?

      1. forex ea is better then commodity because of the spread
      2. with forex ea you can diversify the risk on even 36 pairs with most of the brokers. With how many commodities you will go?
      3. with forex ea we have the economic calendar and we have an idea when will be the affect of fundamental news. We do’t know when there will be high volatility in commodities.

      But give it a try of course and share your experience with us please

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      User AvatarPete

      I am building my portfolio with Forex ea…

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      Nice to hear that Pete, let us know how is it going

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      User AvatarZack Georgiev

      Guys, I think recently it’s all about cryptocurrencies, every body is talking about that and nearly no one speaks about Forex ea. That is just amazing and rediculous in the same time.

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      User AvatarThapelo

      Zack, you are right. I read more and more and more I get into cryptocurrency ea, even I started looking for forex ea to trade with. Anyway I do believe they are not so different. Forex ea development will still remain I do believe.

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      Dear Thapelo, to be honest with you. I do believe that Forex will always be there, simply the Forex is not just the trading platforms, trading strategies and forex ea or any other, but all the countries currencies and their circulation daily. As well as the commodity ea, all will remain, the question is that the cryptocurrencies are just starting to develop and more and more they will. Hopefully they will not get restricted from most of the countries.

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      User AvatarIan Bibian

      I stand 100% behind Petko, and I am a huge fan of the Forex. Currencies will be currencies in many years. And that is why it is worth for us to spen time on generating, testing and trading with Forex ea.
      But that is me..

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      You are right, Ian, everyone should have its own trading style and opinion. I am not trying to convince anyone in anything. Just for me Forex EA is more dynamic and volatile, and that is what I am looking for when trading with Expert Advisors.

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