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      User AvatarKhalique Ur Rehman

      Respected Petko Aleksandrov and Team,

      Hope you are doing great. I have just completed your course on “MT4 – Trade with Pro” and am highly obliged for your sincerity in sharing.

      I myself am an educator… trying to develop my forex understanding to pass it on… however, I am currently struggling to finalize some broker to start my real trading experience…

      As three are many many reviews about brokers… I would be greatly relieved if you can please name a few good brokers accepting clients from “Pakistan” without funding/withdrawal issues

      As so far all the good brokers I have discovered have funding/withdrawal issues for “Pakistan”… I know you do not like to be associated with any broker… but still a few names by your end will help me a lot…

      Best regards and Cheers

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      Hey Rehman,

      Glad to hear from you. Honestly, I do not know which brokers have issues with Pakistan and for what reason.

      Did you try all the brokers we have in the trusted brokers page?

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      User AvatarMoin Rahman


      The list of trusted brokers is a very good starting point for choosing a trusted brokers. However I am a little bit confused with all the lettered agencies. In the page there are lots of mentions of FCA and FSA and FSC. However around the globe most of the countries has the same organization FSA or FSC like in Belize/Seychelles/Malta etc. Now what happens is most broker tries to utilize these names and later reveals the name like “Regulated under FSC from Belize”.

      So I wanted to know that rather than a trusted brokers which of these regulatory bodies are actually strong? One example from the list is ForexVOX which is mentioned and “FCA, FSA” however it is actually registered under FCA of Seychelles which is mentioned https://fsaseychelles.sc/regulated-entities/capital-markets#tab-securities-dealer

      Thanks in advance.

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      User AvatarAlan Northam


      The list of brokers on the eatradingacademy website are brokers they use.


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      User AvatarMoin Rahman

      Hi Alan,

      Yes but that does not answer the question and somehow I am not sure why my new post into this one. :'(


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