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      Dear all,

      I want to say a huge THANK YOU for being our students! That is why I wanted to create this WISH LIST topic, so you can share your ideas for new courses, new updates in EA Studio and FSB Pro, or anything that you think might improve the learning experience.

      Have a look at that video, and see what we did in 2019, and what are the plans for 2020:

      I am very proud of everyone that succeeded in profiting from my education, and of course, it makes me very happy when my efforts are giving results.

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      User AvatarRoman


      Great idea for the wishlist!

      1. I love how fast EA Studios is, but i feel it overshadows how Powerful FSB is. Maybe some more FSB courses are in order?

      2. I know Mr. Popov is probably up to his ears in requests to improve FSB, but I think if FSB can start to incorporate walk forward instead of us having to do it manually that would make me go back to using it full time.

      3. If he can also provide us in EA Studios a FULL portfolio viewer like we have in FSB or to have a bridge so we can move the EA Studios strategies over to FSB to view. As I’m starting to focus more on portfolio construction I’m frustrated at times not being able to see all assets as a full portfolio like we can in FSB. I don’t have the time to manually create all the strategies in FSB that i find in EA Studios to check all correlations. This is my biggest wish item 🙂


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      User AvatarAndi

      Great video, Petko!

      I am happy to see that the Academy grows! You deserve it after all the hard work during the years! I am sure every one of us who uses EA Studio, FSB Pro and waits for every new course 🙂 is willing to say a THANK YOU to you as well!

      You share so much, and I am happy I found you and your courses to open my eyes to trading!

      Wish – keep doing what you are doing because you are the best!

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      User AvatarMeryjonestexas

      Hey Petko!

      Nice to see that the team is bigger now, I am sure this will result in more courses with better and better content and quality.

      What I would wish is also a course more on FSB Pro.

      So far I am using EA Studio for my real trading because I know the program in details from your courses, but with FSB Pro I am still on Demo. I can not find a constant approach to creating strategies there.

      Just with EA Studio I succeeded in combining many of your methods that you demonstrate in the courses, and it works great for me during the last 1 year.

      Happy New Year to all!

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      User AvatarSimon

      Hi Petko,

      We are the ones who should be thanking YOU!

      Your education has finally given structure to my approach, and I’m so glad I came across your material in 2019, and what a lot you have accomplished, Bravo!!

      My wish is similar to some that are above, I would very much like to know more about using FSB Pro, in particular, for generating strategies that make use of the longer timeframes feature. Many of the strategies I am currently generating with EA Studio enter trades at what, to me looks like a very bad time, buying at the top of a move, selling at the bottom etc, and I feel like some better entries could be found when using the longer timeframes feature in FSB Pro.

      I know I could change the parameters and AC in EA Studio a bit to try and improve the entries, but figuring that out is another story!

      But in any case, thanks for all you do!


      Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

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      User AvatarSimon

      Hi again Petko,

      I Just thought of another wish..

      I have read about some of us who use different strategies for different market conditions, I would love to know more about

      a) how to figure out what kind of market conditions a strategy is good for

      b) how to make a strategy for particular market conditions

      c) how to manage strategies for particular market conditions


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      Happy New Year!!!!

      I wish everyone a great 2020 year, with a lot of success and most important is HEALTH!

      Glad to hear that you have ideas and suggestions. This will improve the process for sure!

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      Hey Roman,

      yes, more courses on FSB Pro are in the Forex Academy plan.  It is a bit more advanced program, and that is why  I wanted to create more basic courses on EA Studio first.

      I know that Mr Popov plans to update FSB Pro with some features, but I am not sure when this will happen 🙂

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      Hey Andi!

      I am pleased to do my job when there are students like you on the other side!

      I promise to keep doing what I am doing as long as I can 🙂


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      Hey Mery!

      Yes, as I wrote to Roman, I am planning to record more FSB Pro courses in 2020. Also, a free course like the one we have for EA Studio.


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      Hey Simon,

      Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate it, and it makes me happy that my work in Forex Academy is useful at the end of the day.

      As said, yes, there will be more FBS Pro courses.

      Yes, I understand your 3 questions, even they do not have this 100% answer that you are looking for. 🙂

      Keep up the good work, and have a great 2020!


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      User Avataradc

      Hello Petko,

      Here is my wish list for courses I would really enjoy if you decide to develop one day:

      1) Trading the news with EA’s

      2) HFT with EA’s

      3) Scalping with EA’s all these in Forex.

      Would you be willing to do something outside Forex? for instance Trading with order flow in other markets/platforms but with EA’s? For sure I would sign in!

      What do you think?


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      User Avataradc

      I support this list too Simon!

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      Hey Ads,

      Glad to hear from you. And thank you for the suggestions.

      Usually, I create courses based on what I have tested and what works for me. I do my best to share my experience in the classes.

      You can try creating strategies on M1 and limit them with the time of opening and closing trades. This way, you will generate scalping EAs.

      Regarding the news, that is something really hard for the EAs, because the outcome is always different. Even the predictions and the outcome are the same sometimes, the market always behaves differently.

      Also, the news are not constant in time. They do not repeat every day, and this makes it nearly impossible to have a precise backtest for it.



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