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      Hey Traders,

      I am glad to share with you that we have new software for algorithmic trading called “Express Generator”.

      What is the most important with the new Software?

      1. It is an offline generator that works 3-4 times faster than EA Studio and about 100 times faster than FSB Pro.
      2. You can upload the collected strategies into EA Studio or FSB Pro (can’t export EAs from the Express Generator)
      3. Works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It works as an addition to EA Studio and FSB Pro.

      The Ultimate Pack users will have it for free. For the rest who want to have a piece of the software, please drop an e-mail at info@eatradingacademy.com. For licensed users, we will arrange 50% discount from Forex Software.

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      Please, see the first tutorials, and let us know if you have any questions. Samuel is already an expert on it! 🙂

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      Please, see the third tutorial:

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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      This is truly fantastic software and a hugely exciting development. Express-gen has become my primary strategy generation tool personally (I believe I was the first user of the initial beta version so have been playing with it for a while now) and Popov is developing and improving this tool fast.

      Saves me a lot of time and effort, definitely useful for people who have been using EA studio for a while.

      I’ll make doubly clear that isn’t a stand alone product, it is a supplementary product that requires either EA studio or FSBPro, but it is a hugely beneficial and time saving addition.

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      User Avatarcasanogues

      Hello good morning, about the reference software: ExpressGenerator

      1-I am clear that it is a wonderful tool that greatly speeds up the generation of strategies, but for those of us who are not programmers or are not familiar with the commands, it is a real shame not to be able to use it correctly.

      2- I am very familiar with EA Studio, and I can almost handle it with my eyes closed due to its friendly and intuitive screens and commands

      3- Also now I start to move with FBSProfessional, which despite being a little more complicated than EA Studio, is still friendly and intuitive and you can advance in your understanding of its operation.

      What do I mean by this: Well, it would be very important for this software to be equipped with an EA Studio or FSB Pro type installer, as well as more friendly and intuitive screens and commands, being able to modify any parameter as is done in EA Studio. i FSB, because right now I have it installed on my PC desktop, with a folder that says “Expres Generator” and that I give to one of the existing pj files. “gen_generate_EURUSD_M30” and yes, it generates EURUSD_m30 strategies for me, but what if I want to change the symbol? Or change the calculation period? Or the number of bars? Etc.etc, I’m completely lost.

      Then another issue that is not clear to me either, from the collections generated by Express Generator, I export them to EA Studio or FSBPro, and once there, what do I do? I validate them with data from my Brocker, I have to pass them through the Normalized- and/or MC, etc? Well, although I have watched the tutorial videos, these and many other concepts are not clear to me, surely it will be because I have to apply the translator and it often does not translate clearly.

      I would appreciate your collaboration in this regard and above all, do not interpret what I have said as criticism, on the contrary, it is only the opinion of a trader who wants to have the best tools on the market for trading.

      Best regards.

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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hi Casanogues,

      In order to try and help you the most I have a few initial questions.

      1. How long have you been algo- trading?

      2. How long have you been using EA studio?

      3. How consistent are your trading results?

      4. What is it that you are specifically trying to do with express gen or fsbpro?



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        User Avatarcasanogues

        Hi Samuel:

        1- Since 2017

        2- In 2019 i discovered EA Studio, and since then i only use this wonderful software

        3-From 1/2-2020 until today i usually have good results but not 100% consistent, i am generating and updating different strategies that i have created

        4-The only thing i want is to understand how the software works and how i can apply it to EA Studio/FSB Pro, because wit the existing tutorials i don’t finish clarifying myself

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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hey Casanogues.

      That sounds good, not sure exactly what you mean by not 100% consistent but presumably you mean you are a profitable trader overall?

      My advise would be to watch the videos and ask any questions you have. For people who code like myself express gen is super quick and easy to pick up without the videos really (though they are still useful for coders) but I believe that the videos break down everything pretty clearly for non-coders too?

      The main benefit I get from express gen is just that it saves me some manual time in my workflow but I would suggest using it as a side to your current workflow until you get the hang of it. Maybe dedicate 80% of your trading time to what you are currently doing in EA studio and 20% to implementing express-gen in the generation process.

      Basically express gen is a generator only that works offline and is about 3x as fast as Ea studio, it exports collections that are 100% compatible with Ea studio and can be imported into both Ea studio and fsbpro.

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      Hey Traders,

      I am very happy to share with you a brand-new Tutorial about the Express Generator:

      Thank you, Lisa!

      PS You guys make sure to subscribe to Lisa (her content is fantastic)!

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      User Avatarlisaforex

      Hi all, here is an updated tips and tricks for the Express Generator covering some more advanced topics.



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      Thank you, Lisa!

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