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Darwinex Zero
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      Hi Everyone

      I’ve just signed up to EAS for a trail period, with a view to
      joining. What I can see looks fantastic, but I’m keen to try the software
      myself to generate some EAs which I can then go on to test on a demo

      However, after running the Generator for 10 hours… the vast majority of the strategies it produces
      have a very liner/stepping to the equity curves (see attached
      screenshot) – is that normal? I’ve followed the same settings in Petko’s  course, but maybe I’m getting something wrong?



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      Hello Adam,

      The results are quite strange because the results per day are unrealistic – over 300 000.

      What are the starting balance and the entry lot that you have selected to use?


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      Yeah I thought it looked strange.

      I just used the default settings for both starting balance and the entry lot (10,000 USD, 0.1).

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      User AvatarIlan Vardy

      Hi Adam,


      Try the following settings, it’ll be a good place to start. Once you’re more familiar with the software, you can additional acceptance criteria (R-Squared would be good to try too).





      Please let me know how you get on, and if you need more assistance.





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      Thanks Ilan – will do!

      On a side note, do you find the bots work well on lower timeframes? (M5 etc)?

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      User AvatarIlan Vardy

      Hey Adam,


      It really depends on the asset and market conditions. Personally, most of my EAs are M15. I’ve just found this works best for me, but try different time frames and different assets on demo accounts and see which you prefer.

      I always have about 10 – 15 demo accounts running where I test different strategies, time frames and assets.




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