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    Dear All,

    I’m facing an issue with the EAs. I used this website back then (like 2 years ago), the EAs worked like a charm. I subscribed this month, created few strategies and simply doesnt work, not open trades at all. I have tried MT4, MT5, separate EAs (including Petko’s EAs from some courses), Portfolio. I think i have ticked every necessary boxes, but still not working. I’m sure i’m missing something, somewhere, i just simply don’t know where..

    Have enough bars, algo trading enabled (before i applied the EAs, but also tried to reinsert it, also no success), according to the platform the EA is running (top right corner), one-click trading enabled, have connection, broker says everything is in place on my account to do EA trading.. I was able to do backtesting in MT5 with these portfolio advisors, i ran out of ideas, right now i wouldn’t care about the results, i just would like to have the EAs to open trades atleast.

    What am i missing? Anyone have any ideas?

    Greatly appreciate your help on this!

    Samuel Jackson

    Hi Daniel,

    First a couple of obvious checks.

    1. If you click Tool > Options > and then export advisors are any of the “disable expert…” options checked. If so then uncheck them.

    2. Right click on the chart with the expert advisor and then select the common tab and ensure that the allow live trading is checked

    It also could possibly be a compilation issue. Is the .ex5 or 4 file showing in the Experts folder. You could try opening up metaeditor and compiling it manually and seeing if any warning shows up.

    It sounds like it is just not opening trades? Are you positive that the entry conditions have been triggered?


    David Archambeau

    Hi Daniel,

    May be you can also look at the expert tab (on mt4, don’t know about mt5), sometime you have very useful information like wrong lot size, not sufficient margin, …

    French in my case, but you should find it easily 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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