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      User AvatarAngelo

      Dear Petko and community,

      I was wondering how much reliable could be a 3 month period EA on M15 with 108 trades, 100% win rate and SQN =100. There’s an over-optimisation? Could it have similar performance in live trading? And for how many days/weeks?

      Thanks for your feedback and happy trading!

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      User AvatarAlan Northam

      Hi Angelo,

      Newly created Expert Advisors should first be tested on a demo account for at least one month to determine if its performance meets expectations before moving to a live account. Demo testing should be done using the same broker as live trading to ensure the historical data is the same.


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      User AvatarAngelo

      Thank Alan, I understand the importance of demo testing, but, considering that it’s a strategy with strict TP and large SL, is it unrealistic in live trading or it could have some similar result? The answer is not binding of course, but just to understand if expecting good result is justified or not. Is it ok to aim at generating this kind of strategies? Or are they over-optimized and too good to be true!


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