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Darwinex Zero
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      User AvatarAlan Northam

      I have been evaluating the EA Studio Free Trial.  My question is: “How do I review the charts of the EA’s that pass validation and how do I choose and output these EA’s?”

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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hi Alan,

      During generation all strategies that pass the acceptance criteria end up in the collection. If you click to collection tab you can view all the information about the strategy and then export is as an mt4 or mt5 expert advisor.

      Or you can add several to the portfolio and see a combined equity curve and then export a portfolio expert advisor.

      the same applies if you are using the validator instead of generator/reactor.

      hope that helps?

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      User AvatarAlan Northam

      Yes, that helps!  For some reason I was thinking the portfolio and export only applied to the generator.

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