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      Hi Petko


      I ve noticed that both Generator and Reactor speed had slowed down considerably in comparison to few months ago. I only run once instance of EA studio and over a course of 24hrs I am getting maybe a few thousand startegies generated as oppose to couple of hundered thousand back in May this year. What could be a reason for that?




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      Hey Marek,

      Glad to hear from you. Actually EA Studio got faster…there was an update which made it much faster.

      The reason it might get slower with you is if you use a huge Historical data.

      How many bars do you use?

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      User AvatarCuriousGeo


      I have approx 20 instruments with 200000 bars data each. Is it worth deleting the data for pairs I don’t use?

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      User AvatarCuriousGeo


      Deleting history data for unused instruments didn’t work…

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      Hey Marek,

      No, I meant something different.

      If you use M15 for example, how many bars do you see in your Historical data?

      Let’s say you use about 30 000 bars. The generator would work 2 times slower if you use 60 000. If you use 120 000 it will become 4 times slower.

      Recently, I realized that there is no point in using more than 50 000 bars on any of the time frames.

      When I use fewer bars the generator works much faster and the strategies are more active.

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      User AvatarCuriousGeo

      Hi again

      Indeed, I can see a significant difference in number of strategies calculated if only use 30000 of bars.  Somehow I was convinced the more history bars the better.

      Do you still find most succesful ones on M15 – M60 timeframes?

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      Hello Marek,

      I am glad to hear from you. To be honest, I used to believe the same – the more data, the better. But with the time, I saw that the generator is capable of finding robust strategies with many counts of trades, even if we use a small number of bars. And that is better for me.

      We have more active strategies this way, and at the same time, we depend more on the recent data.

      And of course, the generator works much faster 🙂

Viewing 6 reply threads
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