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      User Avataramacaulay

      Hello Petko,

      Many thanks for the great work you are doing in education people. I have gotten tremendous value and incredible amount of knowledge. I am seriously considering to become a professional trader and do this as full time job.

      In one of your courseForex Trading Course: Trade the 12 Forex Robots I Trade Live), you mentioned the strategy collection pool as part of “EA Studio Professional Course”. I have checked this course on your website I am considering it because I perceive the pool as a great resource and an incredible value-add to the course. Do you still update the pool regularly?

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      Hey mate,

      Glad to hear that, and welcome to the Forum!

      Yes, I create and generate strategies daily, and everything that I find useful and valuable I drop in the Pool as a collection.

      But keep in mind that you can use the pool and the collection if you have a license for EA Studio, so you can upload them back.


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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      Hi Petko,

      How often do you update the pool on the course? Sounds like you update your personal pool almost daily but I am assuming that the zip file on the course is updated monthly?

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      User Avataramacaulay

      Thanks Petko, for your feedback. Yes, I have EA Studio license. One more question, please…

      I find it really difficult to make my broker data produce a similar backtest result to the premium data. I always have different balance charts even after changing the symbol settings and time zone of the premium data to match my broker data. I asked the ForexSB support and Popov responded that the reason was because my broker is using a different liquidity provider that has different data which may differ in ranges and volume. He noted that there is nothing wrong with my balance charts and suggested that I use the data from my broker in my case. Here are my questions:

      1. Which broker data do you use to generate the strategies in the pool?
      2. What is the best way to check the liquidity provider of the forex brokers?
      3. In case the providers are different and I want to still use my broker, is it a good idea to rerun the strategies in the pool against my broker data?

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      Hey Samuel,

      Yes, I update the pool at the beginning of every month.


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      Hello Amacaulay,

      Good, you asked Mr. Popov, he knows the best about the data because he created it 🙂

      Well, I use the Premium data in EA Studio and I use it on a few different brokers. All I do is set the symbol settings.

      Have a look at that video:

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