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    Hi Everyone. I am a new student. Please forgive me if the answer to this question is very simple.

    My question is “can a strategy be generated to only go in one direction say Buy (Long) only OR Sell (short ) only?”

    To go with the major Trend Only. From what I can see at the moment the EA Builder generates for Long but Mirrors for Selling. The two directions come together and are not independent of each other. Is this correct and if so how can it be overcome. I wish to explore a pair of strategies that could work as a pair independently for a buy and sell but having different conditional parameters not a mirror of each other. The learning curve is steep for me as a novice to EA’s but I would welcome any help and advice I can get. Or if you are interested in my question gust let me know and we can bounce it around a little.

    If so how is this done in the EA Studio and FSB software.?

    Or can this be done within MT4 when loading the Expert Advisers ?

    My experience of the software is very limited at this time and hence I have not been able to implement this Parameter into a strategy I am exploring. Many thanks for your time. Gordon


    Hi Gordon,

    Yes, you can choose a direction when you generate strategies.

    before you start the EA Strategy generation, go to the generator settings, and click on Preset Indicators:


    From there you can choose what indicators the generator to use always in your strategies. Click on Add a new entry rule:

    Choose the direction

    After that select the indicator Long or Short:

    long or short

    Choose the direction.

    Keep me updated on the results. I always wanted to test this but never had the time for it…

    I would still use SL, because you will be in the wrong direction when the trend changes, and it will at one moment.


    Hey Gordon,

    For some weird reason i can’t see Andi’s response. But if you place a moving average “rising” or “price above” this will help you filter long only trades when this condition is true, same will be true when the market is trending down (or any other momentum/trend indi you like). It’ll mirror. FSB you can use the higher time frame by selecting in when you place the condition into the indicator slots. Hope this helps.

    P.S. The software is really good at reading this already, from my experience if it didn’t place the above example into any of the slots it’s deemed it unnecessary. One of my EA’s from EA Studios since the beginning of 2019 only took 42 trades the entire year, 60% win rate with 1.2 profit factor even through the Brexit nonsense on GJ using the above example. My UJ top strategy has 64% win rate, 1.7 profit factor and doesn’t use any trend filtering, purely reactor. Trust the software and play around with the settings to find what you like 🙂


    Yes, Andi’s answer was not visible for some reason…we will check that. Now it is, and great answer Andi. Thanks

    Roman, thank you for the FSB clarification. You did not leave anything on me to say 🙂

    And yes, try to trust the software. In the beginning, everyone starts creating EAs with some ideas from previous experience.

    But with the time, you will see that the generator is smart enough to calculate the strategies based on the Historical data. Still, a right combination of Acceptance criteria and robustness tools is a must.

    Also, get used with the testing process because this will show you the current winners.





    LOL sorry Petko!


    Many thanks traders for giving me some pointers.

    I have been playing with them and made some progress.



    Glad to hear that, Gordon.

    Do not hesitate to drop any questions in the Forum. You might save a lot of time this way.


    Hey Roman, how is it going in Australia? We follow the news closely…hope you are doing fine.


    Hola Petko,

    I’ve always wanted to visit Australia but I’m from the U.S. But yes scary whats going on out there.


    Yes, it was….hopefully they recover quickly.


    @Andi agreed! Such an amazing country.


    Hey Roman,

    Honestly, I do not know why I thought you are from Australia. Sorry for that 🙂

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