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    David Archambeau


    when a robot stops for any reasons (windows update, crash, connection lost, ….) and there is opened positions, what is the best practice ?

    – close all positions before restart robot

    – let everything as it is and the robot will recognize his trade and manage it correctly

    If it’s the second option, if the close event of the trade occurred during metatrader was down, will the robot see it and close the trade immediately, or will the trade continue until next close event ?

    Thanks in advance


    Samuel Jackson

    Hi David, best practice would be to find a more reliable computer to trade on or vps. Crashes should be very rare and you should turn off automatic updates and do them manually on the weekend when the market is closed.

    This is not an issue I ever have but in this instance what you could do is run the metatrader backtester and see if the trade would still be open or closed and take appropriate action to remain in accordance with how the EA would have traded if no interruption occurred.

    If there is a trade open with the magic number of an EA that has auto trading enabled then the EA will manage that trade according to its rules. Im sure you can easily confirm that with a quick test also.

    David Archambeau

    Hi Samuel,
    thanks for your response. Last week everything went right. This time I’ve disabled updates 🙂 but I was wondering what is the best thing to do in such situations. For example, today when I checked my robots, all my mt4 were like disconnected and I had to login again. Same issue on two distinct servers. Fortunately, I had no open trades this time.
    Thank you for the backtest idea to check open trades if it happens in the future, never thought of that.


    Hey David,

    The EAs recognize the opened trade via the magic numbers, and they will continue managing the trades (with exit conditions). However, if the pause was long, it might be the case that the exit happened, and the EA will not close it because it is not at the moment.

    If you have a good internet connection, it might be an issue from the broker’s server.

    Try with another broker and see if it will happen simultaneously for both (if it happens, it is from your side).

    David Archambeau

    Hi Petko,

    Thanks for the reply.

    The disconnections only happened on Sunday evening when the week starts again. This time, I’ll reconnect my account before the restart to be sure that it doesn’t happen again.

    I had the same issue with two different brokers, so I guess it’s a vps issue…


    Play with the settings of the VPS and turn off all updates, sleeping mode, etc

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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