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      Hi Petko & fellow traders,

      Based on what I’ve learned from Petko and this forum, I created this basic but hopefully useful EA lot sizing calculator on Excel.
      Requirement: All EAs have the same lot size (for simplicity).
      Yellow cells are editable.

      EA Lot sizing calculator

      If your Excel is in English, the decimal separator will be automatically converted to period in stead of comma.
      If you’re interested (provided it’s allowed in this forum), I can make it available via Dropbox.
      It would be nice if someone creates a script that can change the lot size of all EAs in one click in MT4  – No pressure  😀

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      Just my opinion but running 1 lot on a $1000 account is probably risking a margin call at some stage…..  That is on a 1:200 broker I guess if you have 1:400 might be more room to move.  I was running this size on demos lately and margin % got down to 300% so a little to low for my liking.  Like to keep my margin % at 500% +.  I feel more comfortable at .5 per $1000 and that is while I am still on small accounts as they get bigger I would drop that further…..

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      Thank you for the feedback Richard!
      This will include your suggestion:
      EA Lot Sizing Calculator - Richard's suggestion

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      Hey Asser,

      That is quite an interesting idea that I had from before. But I wanted Forex Software to integrate it somehow with EA Studio which would make it very useful for the traders.

      Thanks for sharing, I will have a deeper look into it later today.

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