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      User AvatarRoman


      I’ve been Demo testing the EA’s that you released in September for the Portfolio EURUSD. Magic # 8428347 for H1. What optimization steps for the reactor have you been having the most success in creating such strategies? If anybody else has some insight please feel free to let me know! Kinda threw this on the demo account and got busy with work. I was pruning my Demo account this morning and saw it’s been pretty active since September. Looking forward to really running hard in 2019!

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      Hey Roman,

      Glad to hear from you, and good to see that this portfolio EA keeps showing great result. Have you been eliminating the losing ones or you kept it on Demo trading with all strategies?

      What I am looking for when generating the EAs is:

      1. Profit factor min of 1.2
      2. Min 300 trades
      3. Monte Carlo performance
      4. SL and TP from 10 to 100

      I do my best to improve the above.

      Kind regards,
      Petko A

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      User AvatarRoman

      Good evening Petko,

      Yes sir! I’ve been trying to play around with how to organize myself with work and EA Generating. Purging the Demo account if the EA shows bad stats after 20+ trades. But then again this is a rough time of the year to be interacting with the markets anyways. Thanks for the pointers on your search parameters, I did notice you like to have fixed SL and TP so will experiment with that more. I know you’re a few hours ahead of me so Merry Christmas from the US!

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      Hey Roman!

      Merry Christmas to you too, mate!

      Yes, the end of December is not really the best time to trade. There are huge transactions happening. Huge corporations are taking their profits at the end of the year, into their own country in their own currency.

      For example, lets say you have business in UK, and you are digging oil. At the end of the year you have 5 billions of profit in Pounds. What you would do is to transfer them in US and exchange in USD. This huge transaction will actually cause a move in GBPUSD pair. And this is something that no one will know about(except you and the bank that makes the transaction).

      So normally I pause the live accounts between Christmas and New Year.

      Let me know if you have any questions!

      Kind regards,

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      User AvatarRoman

      Hola Petko,

      Thank you for the insights, that does make a lot of sense. When’s a good time to turn everything back on? 2nd week of January?

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      Hey Roman,

      Glad to hear from you again. Yes, I normally place back the EAs at the beginning of the second week.

      But it is personal choice if you want to do that, or keep trading(I just share my strategy).

      Actually, all the EAs I have on live accounts I change the lots with 0.01 lots(instead of total pause) just to monitor and observe how it goes.

      Also, keep in mind that all the strategies we generate with EA Studio or FSB Pro are based on Historical data, that includes these Holidays or all rest Red Hot News, etc..

      Let me know if there is something else.

      Kind regards,

      Petko A

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      User Avataral_kuwait55

      Ooo good point here, Petko! Thanks for sharing that with us!

      I was pausing the EAs totally, but I think it costs nothing to leave them trading with 0.01. You are the man!

      I will share with you what results I achieved during this period.

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      Glad to hear that al_kuwait!

      Anyway when we make a total pause we do not know what would have happened.


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      User AvatarRoman

      Hi Petko,

      I was playing around with the idea of having the EA’s only active during their respective sessions. Is this something you’ve looked into or have any insights on? Started thinking about running session specific EA’s for like the EU, so it’d only be active right at the start of London till maybe noon here on EST when our NYC traders start calming down. Let me know your thoughts. Happy New Year everybody!

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      Hey Roman,

      Have you watched my Forex Expert Advisor course – London, New York & Tokyo Algorithmic trading?

      There I show how I am generating such EAs using the hours tool in EA Studio.

      There I showed a system where I create EAs only for London market,from the opening till the closing, and same for the NY and Tokyo.

      It is a system that should be tested!

      Happy new year too!

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      User AvatarRoman

      Good morning Petko,

      No sir I don’t have that course. Will look into it.

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      Keep in mind that if you change the trading hours in EA Studio they will effect all future EAs that you create.

      So if you decide to use this system, after you are done with generating the EAs, you need to bring back the normal trading hours.

      Kind regards,

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      User AvatarJordan

      I have 6 EAs on this system. Two on each trading session.

      I got the idea from the course Petko mentioned above, I just changed the currency pairs.

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      User AvatarJohn Michael

      I will give it a try with this system, just went over the course today!

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      Guys, make sure to calculate the hours for this system according to your broker time zone.

      Sometimes the brokers are having different timezone on the platform from your local time zone. Not all of them synchronize it.

      And when you export the Historical data from your broker, you export it according to the hours you see on the platform.

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