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      – I would like to download the data for GBPJPY but it didn’t display in history center (there are just the major pairs)

      Could you help me to understand how to display it in history center please ?

      – Is it possible to have these scripts please ?

      Export data to csv

      FSB data source

      Thank you very much in advance

      Best regards

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      User AvatarSamuel Jackson

      It sound like you are saying that in your MT4 terminal you are not seeing data for the GBPJPY. If in the history centre you can just double click the symbol to download data. However I wouldn’t recommend this as it will download from metaquotes rather than your broker.

      I would suggest opening a chart for the GBPJPY on the timeframe you want and then holding down the HOME key on your keyboard until as much data as your broker allows is downloaded.

      Exporting data to csv can be done easily by just clicking file/save as in MT4 with the appropriate chart open.

      For exporting from MT4 to FSBpro it is best to open FSBpro and go to the MT4 Hist Import in the History Centre (of FSB Pro) and click the link “Mt4 Hist Import Help” which will give you clear instructions on how to do this.

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