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    Tran Dinh Hung

    Dear Petko.
    I really happy when I see your courses on Udemy, and I see your website and system after that. That is what I need.

    I want to pay for the “Ultimate Pack” But I got a problem with my credit card.
    My credit card is limited so I can pay higher than that number.
    And Paypal doesn’t support transferring money to my Paypal account also.
    I asked my friend to help but they never use Paypal or use any services for payment oversea.

    So. I wonder, Is your system has any support for payment multiple times.

    If you have any way to process it. Please contact me.

    Thanks and best regard.

    Tran Dinh Hung

    I asked the bank. They said that Even If I have fully loaded my creditable credit, I still can’t do it because the limit doesn’t allow it.

    Now If I can, I will pay 3 times,

    for example, The after I pay, and wait for the limit to reset and continue paying tomorrow.


    Hey Tran,

    Welcome to the Forum. My team will assist you with that via mail.

    Please, drop any questions here in the Forum regarding trading.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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