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      User Avatarbryan JEAN-MARIE

      Hello, I would like to know if waka waka works on a funded account like nextstep funding or quantec, because there is a rule that says that the grid trading system is prohibited, but I would like to know, because waka waka does not really use a grid system to trade.

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      User AvatarAlan Northam

      Hi bryan,

      I don’t use Waka Waka the cost is too high.  Waka Waka has an average annual profit of 40% with 2023 only providing a 30% profit.  So to recover your cost in one year you would have to trade an account size of at least $7000.00.  An account of $3500.00  would take two years to recover your investment cost.  So, in my opinion, it takes too long to start making a profit.  I find for small accounts of less than $10,000 it is better to trade Petko’s FTMO robots where you can start making profit after only two months using the FTMO prop firm challenge.

      For answers to your question you can either wait for Petko to pop into the forum to answer your question or you may get a quicker answer by contacting support@eatradingacademy. com .


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        User Avatarbryan JEAN-MARIE

        I understand perfectly but I have two accounts 1 100K at quantec and another at nextstep funded to 100k and with the video of pekko I saw that it respects the consistency of batch but waka uses a grid system so I would have liked to know if it passes or not and I already have the robot ftmo it is a little complicated to make good profit with consistency.

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