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      User Avatarcentcel

      Hello Traders

      Please assist

      Anyone of you traders using a Mac for MT4+?.

      I didn’t find it on JFDBank.com!

      I would prefer to work with it if possible. I’m new here and just startet with Petko’s Tutorials.

      Hopefully I can find the right way.

      for a feedback would be thankful!

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      User AvatarRoman

      Ugh, I loooooove Iphones, but hate Apple computers for the reason you posted this. Hard to find supported applications. Try their live chat from the website?

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      Hey Centcel,

      yes, the best thing is to contact the support, they will send you some more info. MT is not really friendly with Mac. That is why we do not use Macs in the Academy.

      I remember some of the students used VPS with Windows just to run easier the platforms.

      But I am pretty sure some of the brokers offer Mac version of MetaTrader.


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      User Avatarcentcel

      Hello Petko,

      I got MT4+ version on my mac. What did you meant “MT is not really friendly with Mac” about?. What Points aren’t negativ on mac? Should I better start with Windows?

      Thank you.

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      Hey Centcel,

      If you have the Mac version of Meta Trader, it should work just fine. To be honest, I never used Mac for trading, and that is why I can not really assist you in 100%. I know from many students that they hard times installing the MetaTrader on their Macs, but if you did it and you see all works good, alright.


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      User Avatarcentcel

      Hello Petko

      After some research the EAs of MT4+ working on Windows are not compatible with the MT4 on Mac. You can’t drag them on the files on MT4 to the Mac.

      It would be great if anybody knew how to easily modify the same robots with the MetaEditor.


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      Hey Centcel,

      I do not think you can modify the EAs. It is about the platform to be suitable. I am not really sure why it does not accept it. We did not have such comments or feedbacks so far.

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