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      Good morning,

      Sorry more of a technical MT4 question, so possibly one for Petko, but I am sure others will know the answer too. I have noticed some of my EAs dont perform well on a Friday, if I close my MT4 account, or click the disable auto trading button on a Thursday night, I know that will stop any new trades from being opened on a Friday which is my priority. But will either of those actions also stop my <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>OPEN</span> trades being managed to their rule based exit during Friday trading hours? Will those open trades just drift with price (potentially past SL and TP) until I reactivate the account on a Monday morning? Some of my EAs have a predetermined SL / TP at open, so I guess they would just close when SL / TP is hit, but what about those which are set to close when a specific exit indicator is met? Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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      Hey Steve,

      Glad to hear from you. Feel free to drop any questions.

      When you disable the AutoTrading or close the platform, you leave the opened trades to the SL and the TP. The exit conditions won’t apply.

      If you do not want to trade on Fridays, the best option is to set it in EA Studio settings to generate and export EAs that are set not to trade on Friday.

      This way, you will see if such a backtest is better or worse and if it makes sense to disable the EAs at all on Friday.

      Let me know if that makes it clearer.


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