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      Hi Guys, i am testing strategies and have noticed different results over my Demo Account and live Account. The main issue i am having is the difference in the spread! I am trading with Pepperstone using both a Demo Account and a Live Account. There is always a difference between the 2 (example currently my demo is showing 4 and my live is showing 17!). Has anyone ran into this issue, any help or advice would be appreciated.

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      Hey Tai,

      Yes, most of the brokers offer different spreads for the currency pairs. I use this broker just for trading Cryptos. That is why we didn’t list it in the trusted brokers’ page.

      And then, the different spread forms different Historical data, which means that you have to use the Live data in EA Studio to generate the strategies, not the Demo data.

      With Dukascopy and JFDbank, the issue is minimal.

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      User AvatarTai

      Hey Petko,

      Thank you for your swift response.  I decided a while ago to create accounts with JFD and Dukascopy and they are in the processing stage at the moment. Once approved, I will be looking to change over.

      How should I go about the testing phase? For example, I have followed all the videos, youtube content and finally a load of your courses that I purchased on, so far, I have not had much luck with pepperstone.

      I have successfully generated some strategies using historical data from the pepperstone Live account and tested them on a demo account. The ones that are showing profits I have transferred to my Live account but the results are very different. (example: Demo shows 5 profitable strategies which I confirm using FX Blue, but the Live account shows losses once transferred). So in theory testing in the demo account with pepperstone is pretty much useless!

      I understand that the Dukascopy data is already available which is fantastic and saves a lot of time! But I wanted to know how I can avoid this issue and how it is different with the recommended brokers.

      Just wanted to check that I am following the process correctly for when I start with JFD or Dukascopy.


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      Hey Tai,

      Glad to hear from you.

      I think you are doing the very right thing!

      The thing with Dukasckpy is that they guarantee that they have the same data on Demo and Live. This is why we selected them to use their data for the Free Historical data. However, I am still testing it and so far so good. And I think many of our students are testing as well and for the moment no one reported that the data is different.

      I have been using JFD a lot and the results from Demo to live are nearly the same.

      Pepperstone I use just for crypto trading because they have good spreads for those.

      I hope that this gives you a better idea.


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