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      Data import log

      AUDCAD1.json Unexpected end of JSON input
      AUDCAD5.json Unexpected end of JSON input
      AUDCAD15.json Unexpected end of JSON input
      AUDCAD30.json Unexpected end of JSON input
      AUDCAD1440.json Unexpected end of JSON input
      AUDCAD240.json Unexpected end of JSON input
      RoboForex-ProCent AUDCAD H1, bars: 482, imported, uploaded

      Good day, whenever I try to import data, I get the the above-mentioned errors.

      Please help




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      Hello Hagen,

      It looks like your data with H1 is fine, and the rest is not. There is some issue with it – ” Unexpected end”.

      Try to figure out what is the difference in the files for the H1 chart and the rest. I see the name of the broker’s server on the H1 but it is missing on the others…

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      The script supplied was used to generate files. Only the 1 hour data is importing. I have no idea what is causing this. I can not use or test any other services until this is sorted.

      The Broker is Roboforex


      Please help

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      I managed to sort out the problem

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      Glad to hear that!

      There is a new service coming up on our website for Historical data which will be free. Hopefully, it will be ready these days.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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