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      Hi everyone, as i’m new to this EA builder, i wanna know which brokers provide good historical data, i always used FXChoice, FXPro and ICMarkets but they don’t provide a large historical data (Lower timeframes only provides at most 1 year of historical data, m1 to m15…. higher timeframes like m30. h1.h4 have like 4 to 3 years at most, Daily got several years).

      Hope you can guide me in this new adventure.

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      Welcome to the Forum!

      Well, the Historical data is a headache at the beginning because all the brokers do not provide data. What you need to do is to collect it. Did you press the Home key to get the maximum out of it?

      If you did, just leave the MetaTrader opened and it will collect data from your broker.

      If you want you can use the data that comes in EA Studio. There you will have more bars but it will be from a different broker.


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      User Avatarinvest

      Hi, When I leave the MT4 open/online for collecting data from my broker, do I then need to have the wanted symbols open on a chart and also all time frames? Or will there be collected data for all symbols in the Market Watch vindow?


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      Hello Invest,

      You need to leave just one chart on M1, for example. You do not need all the time frames. But it is a good idea to go over all the time frames one time in the month to make sure they are all loaded with the new data.


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      User Avatarlfxstairs

      Hi again Petko, i did what u mentioned, opened my broker account, extended the max number of historical data and then went to the chart that i wanted to create more data, and it didn’t increased that much, in some timeframes a year or two, some less. Lower timeframes really didn’t change. I’m guessing that my broker ain’t gonna share they historical data so i’m thinking in changing broker, any recommendation?.

      Thanks for your quick response petko!

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      unfortunately, all brokers do not provide a lot of data from the beginning.

      The data that is in EA Studio comes from JFD which is not a bad broker. Also, from Forex Software they developed an app for Historical data that comes from Ducascopy and it is very good data.

      Still, I will need to test it before we place it on our website, so everyone can download it for free.

      If you want to use any other broker, you will just need to collect the data.


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      User Avatargert.ljungqvist


      Would It be a good Idea to open an account with Ducascopy and use the data provided in the EA Studio and FSB?

      Are Ducascopy reliable, have you any info about them as a broker?



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      Hello Gert,

      Yes, as far as I know, they are reliable. They are a long time on the market. And the good thing is they guarantee they have the same live and demo data which is very important for us. However, I never used them, but I am planning to start next week because I want to use the new data that Forex Software provides.

      We will do our best to place the tool for data from next week.

      But keep in mind that for the moment, the data in EA Studio comes from JFD. I will let you know when they switch it.


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