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      User AvatarTrader Matt

      Hi Everyone,

      This is to discuss the Dark Venus robot, parameters and results to see if we can all profit from it and lift everyone up.

      Set files can be shared, but please test them first. Your account is your responsibility.
      The set files are not recommendations, just sharing our best results so far. Past results do not indicate future returns.

      Let’s go!

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      User AvatarBrian Goodfellow

      Hello Matt! Thanks for alerting us to this fantastic robot! Just watched your latest YT video.

      Have you considered changing the Coefficient Grid Management to about 0.15 or 0.2 (to decrease the rate of martingale effect) and also increase the Min Distance Multiplier to 1.2 0r 1.3? (resulting in less trades in a trending market).

      I’m forward testing them currently…they’re still profitable but seemingly safer.

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        User AvatarTrader Matt

        Thanks so much Brian!

        Well done, and great thinking.

        Safer is better. I like your style.

        I didn’t backtest all possibilites, so I really appreciate your suggestions.

        How are they going for you so far? How’s the forward testing going? And which broker’s data are you testing it on?

        Here are 2 set files that I prepared on friday with some DD protection on them.
        I haven’t tested them as yet. They have a -25% DD protection for the $3000 account on MT5 and a 2 or 3 % DD protection for a MT4 Prop firm account where -5% is the limit.
        I believe it’s a “daily shutoff” protection too, so if the market is going crazy, it won’t enter after already losing that amount.

        Feel free to test them and let me know how you go. I will be doing the same.

        Happy trading.


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          User Avataro.gabor

          Hi Matt,

          Which setting is responsible for max dropdown? could you please share your DD settings?

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            User AvatarTrader Matt

            Hi O.Gabor, quite a few settings make up the Max DD allowed in the account.

            • Lotsize
            • Grid distance
            • Grid on or off.
            • number of allowed trades on at once
            • the percentage DD protections.
            • … just to name a few

            Have you performed any backtests to play with the behaviours of the EA over a fixed amount of time?
            Perhaps screenshots in a document could help to analyse the best performing factors.

            Then you’ll learn about the EA and understand how it works.

            Does that help?

            I’ve shared set files in the past with videos, and they worked for some time, but haven’t been bulletproof. So more analysis is required. Perhaps you can come up with better settings?


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      User AvatarBrian Goodfellow

      Hey Matt, thanks for the suggestions on the daily “shut-off”- I’ll set up some demo accounts on that.

      I’m currently forward testing a few variations on forex pairs on FBS demo accounts and will keep you all posted with results on the better ones.



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        User AvatarTrader Matt

        Fantastic Brian!
        I’m keen to see it all. Thank you.

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      User Avatarmkfxtim

      Thanks for the recent video Matt, I am running Dark Venus on my darwinex zero account. Its done well as I too have been using the max DD settings. It helps keep things ticking over, I am just short of the profit requirement to get allocation, so hopefully I will be ready for allocation by the end of the month.

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        User AvatarTrader Matt

        Congratulations MKFXTim!

        How’d you go with your allocation?

        Sorry for the late response. Great profile pic too.

        Can you share some more about your settings? Or your profit factor / profits so far, FX blue results/link or anything like that?

        Winning on DarwinEx?!??! Fantastic! I hope you have a long and happy profitable partnership with them.


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          User Avatarmkfxtim

          Thanks Matt, I did receive allocation however I noticed the risk engine was reducing things over time. So I’ve had to reduce the pairs and mix things up. But still testing what works best from an EA perspective. But that’s the fun bit right? I’ll post updates with fxblue etc soon

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      User Avatarmkfxtim

      Hey Matt,

      What pairs and timeframes have you found work best? I am looking to increase the amount of pairs its running on, currently have the following:
      AUDUSD – M5
      EURCAD – M5
      XAGUSD – M30

      I am not running anything else with it as yet. But I am thinking it might be worthwhile ramping it up.

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        User AvatarTrader Matt

        Hi again MKFXTIM,

        If you’ve managed to check out my vids, I run through the currencies and time frames that worked best in my backtesting with those settings. But please do your own testing, on your brokers, with your settings, to make sure you have a robust group of currencies/instruments for the trading environment.


        XagUsd  AudChf   AudJpy  GbpUsd  AudUsd  EurUsd  UsdCad  EurCad AudNzd AudSgd EurJpy XauUsd  EthUsd Ger30


        AudUsd   EurUsd  EurJpy  AudSgd  EurCaD  AudNzd  Ger30

        That group seemed to work well for my settings. Let me know how your backtests turn out…

        On MT5, in the strategy tester window, in “Optimisation” select “all symbols selected in marketwatch” and that will save you a BUNCH of time, so you can batch backtest. Make sure you’ve allowed 200,000 candles and scrolled back through time to load it all, or download all the history.

        I hope that helps.


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      User AvatarTom Connors

      Hi, I was just wondering if you could supply some settings for a 1000 usd mt4 account? Or direct me as to which settings I should change? Also was wondering what leverage you were using with both your mt4 and mt5 april edition set files?

      Many thanks,


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        User AvatarTrader Matt

        Hi Tom,

        Do you have a pic of your settings?

        I believe the highest leverage on BlackBull is 1:500. So I’ve been using that.

        How much demo testing have you done? Are you comfortable with the results of it to jump to a live account? How long has it been running?

        I’m not a financial advisor, so giving settings for a live account is outside my playground. I can assist with suggestions on your demo accounts for testing, but live accounts are your responsibility once you’re confident with the settings and behaviours of the EA.

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      User AvatarAndrew Lim

      Hi Everyone,

      How do I set Dark Venus (DV) to stop when it is trending? I keep getting caught up in trend scenarios with DD consequences, and DV just keeps adding new trades.

      • What settings could I limit my exposure to say no more than 2 or 3 trades?
      • What settings could I apply to stop trading when it is trending?


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        User AvatarAndrew Lim

        BTW I’m using the MT4 settings posted in the YT video.

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          User AvatarTrader Matt

          Hi Andrew, how are you?

          Have you tried backtesting with different settings?

          Here’s a few you can try also:

          1. Allow Buy / Sell. When you notice a trend, switch one of them off.
          2. decrease max buy/sell orders to 3 or your chosen number.
          3. disable grid. so you only have the 1 trade open.
          4. increase min distance of the grid, so it opens less trades. ie. 100 instead of 50. Meaning it’ll open half as many trades, as the grid is bigger. or 150, depending on your trading style.

          I hope that helps.

          Let us know how you get on and any feedback would be great.

          Happy Trading


          Dark Venus Minimisation Strategies

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            User AvatarAndrew Lim

            Thanks Matt, this is very helpful.

            I have been back-testing all weekend on the DD experienced in April. I have changed the following settings which seems to have helped:

            • For Target Settings I have chosen “Fix Money as a point” thus forcing the EA to pick my Take Target setting allowing me to close out a trade early with smaller wins.
            • I have also implemented Grid Settings to be Min Distance to be 150 which works well for my strategy (EURUSD and ERUJPY)
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              User AvatarTrader Matt

              Nice work Andrew.
              Can you share a backtest graph of results with us? and have you started demo testing on that? If/when you do, please included a FXBlue link so we can check it out.

              Great thinking! I’d love to see it working.

              150 min distance sounds like a good safety mechanism to reduce DD by a large factor.

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      User AvatarIvan Evtimov

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for sharing the set files and your considerations regarding drawdown protection. It’s great to see you’re prioritizing risk management in your trading approach. I wanted to touch base regarding the 25% drawdown limit you’ve set for the $3000 account on MT5.

      Considering your strategy and risk tolerance, have you thought about implementing a drawdown threshold that triggers earlier than 25%? The idea behind this approach is to potentially limit losses more quickly, thus preserving more capital over time.

      What are your thoughts on this strategy adjustment? I’d love to hear your perspective and discuss how we can fine-tune your risk management approach for optimal performance.

      And while I am on that subject have you had the chance to explore any new adjustments in the Dark Venus. I’m curious to hear if you’ve made any tweaks or discoveries that could further enhance the performance and stability of this magnificent Expert Advisor.

      Looking forward to your insights!

      Warm regards, Ivan


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        User AvatarTrader Matt

        Hello Ivan,

        And thank you for your thoughtful questions.

        I see your point regarding the reduction of the 25% DD, though the funny thing is that doing so, can also reduce the profits of the EA buy cutting the “deep” trades off too early, which would make more losses. You might be looking for a good scalping robot that’s in and out of the trades quickly. Perhaps this robot could do that, with no grid and pick the right strategy from it’s 6 options…

        Dark Venus 6 strategies

        … That would be an interesting experiment to pursue also. Grid vs No grid on each strategy.

        Perhaps another way to decrease DD would be to double Grid size from 50 to 100, meaning half as many trades. But still allowing the EA to work its magic.

        Another possibility would be pick only the top performers from my fxblue history. At this time, since the restart 22/4/2024, the silver chart has a ~43 profit factor.
        If you only used 5 or 6 charts, instead of 21, the DD would be less.

        I hope this helps.

        Let me know how you go and your thoughts on that Ivan.

        Happy trading



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      User AvatarTijl Casteleyn

      Hi Matt,

      I actually made a new account, 5 days ago, with some other/new EA’s I am trying and had some luck with. You can check it on

      EA’s I am using:
      Alchemist FX
      Dark Venus on XAUUSD / XAGUSD (this is doing extremely good)
      Golden Pickaxe
      Trend Power Bot (same firm behind Gold forex investor and diamond, but this ea is free)
      Titan Oracle (first ever EA I bought from Telegram :>) -> This one is also doing very good

      Since I refunded Gold Forex Investor and Diamond I am limited with the EA’s now.
      Dark Venus I took less pairs (only 2) but this way I can put lot sizes around .1-.2.

      This makes me 100-300 per day instead of 50 trades with .93 euro profit.

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      User AvatarIvan Evtimov

      Hi Matt,

      Hope you’re well. Regarding the account blow-up, could you pinpoint why the bot struggled, especially with silver being almost the only factor the second time around ? Additionally, what indicators do you rely on personally to identify abnormal market conditions, and how could you intervene accordingly?

      Looking forward to your insights.



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      User AvatarFarmer55

      Hi Matt.

      (Sorry for my English, I´m using a translator).

      I have a capital of €2000 and I want to distribute €1000 in EURUSD and €1000 in GBPUSD (under Dark Venus EA)

      I am sure that this configuration can be made by modifying the parameters of the DARK VENUS MT5 EA, but I don’t know how to do it.

      I think to modify the parameter: Money Management settings.

      But since I don’t understand the use of lots well and everything is in English, I can’t adjust the EA to my needs.

      Some Help?


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      User AvatarTrader Matt

      Hi Tijl, congratulations on your successes with DarwinEx and Dark Venus, and sorry to hear about the $1000 live account. Did you learn something from it?

      Dark Venus can be bit of a beast, so perhaps going slower with it might be better in the long run, as this is a grid / martingale system, (which can be switched off) and can hit high DD quite quickly, depending on your lots and grid settings.

      I noticed quite a bit of DD atm on your account, so be careful. Do you have DD protection on the account now? I’ve included some new set files below, check them out, do some testing with them, backtesting, or on a demo etc, and let me know your thoughts. I hope they help.

      So maybe, for you, this could be a smaller gainer EA to work in as part of your strategy with other EAs? Use smaller, safer settings, to help it profit into the future.

      How does that sound?

      Happy Trading


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      User AvatarTijl Casteleyn

      Hi Matt!

      Thanks for the info, I don’t see the other set files you linked?
      And would you suggest letting it run on .01 lot size even with the size of the account?



    • #254272
      User AvatarTrader Matt

      Yes, I’m very sorry I didn’t include them. I’m not sure I can attach set files here…. There are some set files in the description of my videos about Dark Venus on YouTube. Give them an eye over to make sure you like / agree with them, do some backtesting and run them on Demo for a while to see how they go and if/when you’d like to run them on a live account.

      There are different settings to enable or disable the grid management of the robots, or increase the distance between grids to make it take less trades when price is moving against the trades.

      And it can still make nice profits on 0.01 lots, but they can also be large enough lotsizes to wipe out accounts too. Depending on your martingale multiplication sizing, there can be a big difference after a few multiples from 0.01 and 0.02. Times that by 9 negative and increasing trades and drawdowns, this EA can be a monster even on 0.01 lots.

      Let me know if that makes sense or if you have any other questions.

      Happy Trading


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      User AvatarTijl Casteleyn

      Hi Matt!

      I’ve been using the set files you/Petko added in the video from Jan 2024, so far all pairs worked very good for me. At first I did combine it with Forex Gold Investor (that made most of the profit) but not using it anymore, I know you know since when ;).

      But to come back to the lot sizes I am currently using .05 with rest of the settings left untouched. Just because I think .01 is too low for darwinex to get allocation and get that 20% to get into gold tier.

      Correct me if I am wrong 🙂

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      User AvatarTrader Matt

      Hi Tijl!

      Hahaha nice work. How’s it working for you? Can you share a FxBlue link so we can check your results?

      I like your thinking regarding a DarwinEx Account. I’d love to hear about your successes. Nice goals btw. Yes, that Gold tier looks very nice! Go for it!


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