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      Hi Petko,
      Is it possible to upload our own MT4 indicator to the EA Studio?

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      Hello Chris,

      EA Studio works only with the indicators from Meta Trader. That is why it works so fast.

      You can import custom indicators in Forex Strategy Builder Pro. The indicators should be in C#.

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hello Chris,

      Make sure it is worthy to do that. I have paid 4-5 times to developers to build me indicators. No results at the end. I learned to use the strategy builders as they find the best combinations of indicators.

      Also, you can not rely a strategy on single indicator, you will need to combine it, and it will get harder and harder with the time as you will need to add changes.

      The method that Petko shows in most of his courses where he places many EAs in one account and separates those that are profiting currently, made me realize that it is useless and time consuming to look for solutions with custom indicator.

      Kind regards,

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      Good point here Andi!
      However Chris, the custom indicators are so useful sometimes, and I really like some I have been using in my courses as well as the FPSM for example.
      The trading development is unlimited, so there the trader should always spend time to develop, test and experiment new custom indicator, Experts, strategies etc.

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      User AvatarPangur

      So does this mean that there is no way to just upload an indicator created in MQL unless it gets converted into C#?

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      Hello Pangur,

      yes, FSB Pro works with indicators that are coded in C#.

      There are many custom indicators already there that you can work with.

      If you are talking about some indicators that you have created on your own, you will need it in C# if you want to use it in FSB Pro.

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      User AvatarJIE YING FANG

      Hi Petko,

      I have a custom indicator coded for MT4, how do I load it into FSB Pro, please?

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      Hello Jie,

      Glad to hear from you. here is the guide for it:


      And here they are uploaded:


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      User AvatarJIE YING FANG

      Hi Petko,

      Thanks for your reply.

      It seems that I can’t load the MT4 indicator into FSB Pro unless it’s coded in #C

      I don’t know what that is – I need a programmer to convert the file?


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      Hey Jie,

      yes, the indicator should be coded according to the language… actually, you can write their in the forum, there are some people that do this.

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