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      I have some questions in my programmation, can you help me?

      Is there a way to give a buy signal when only the BOLLINGER BANDS are wide enought. EX: MIDDEL LINE ( BOLLINGER AVERAGE ) is 10, then we programe the buy sinal that it only buys when the width of the BOLLINGER BAND is equal or higher than 10% of the MIDDLE LINE
      UPPER BAND 10.5
      MIDDLE BAND 10
      LOWER BAND 9.5

      I need another help, an example: in the case of RSI, I want to buy when its over 30 line , and sell when it hits 26 line, but if it goes to over 50 line it ignores the 30 line instructions and sells at 46 line and buys again if necessary when hit its 50 line again and sells again at 46 line.
      Thank you for your time!!

      If Bollinger Bands and RSI are ” TRUE” like i tell, and than MACD Fast Line ( Blue) is above MACD Slow Line( red), than, my Robot make a BUY SIGNAL.


      Its possible to do that?


      Thank You,

      Enzo Jacinto

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      Hey Enzo,

      From what you explain I think you can achieve it with the Forex Strategy Builder Pro. Did you try it?

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