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      User AvatarMatthew Roberts

      Hello all!

      So I’ve been running portfolio experts for a while without much success on demos or live accounts.

      I’ve noticed a trend happening. The EAs open trades in the right direction quite often, however when they finally get really high into profit, the market reverses and the trades don’t close. I’ve had my FTMO demo up over $5,000.00 3 times and it hasn’t closed any trades, the market reverses and it ends as a losing day.

      A friend of mine is running a system of his own and noticed the same thing. He started manually closing the trades when they get high in profit. When he started doing that, he was able to pass the FTMO challenge.

      My question is does EA studio have a function that you can add to experts that will detect a certain equity and close trades?

      This might help those who are trying to trade proprietary funds.

      For example, you could have an input in the portfolio expert to close all trades if the account equity is $X below the balance or $Y above the balance.

      It’d also be really cool if you could add that in the portfolio section of EA studio so you can see how it affects the balance chart and stats.

      Just a thought or suggestion.

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      Hey Matthew,

      I got your point.

      Such a function is not available on EA Studio yet.

      However, you can always close the trades manually whenever you are happy with the profits. Or you can look for an additional script ot EA to close the trades in the account.

      The strategies from EA Studio are individual(even we can put them in a portfolio). So each strategy does not ”care” about the total balance in the account.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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