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    I am new in the forum. I have finished all the manual trading courses and have started looking at the algorithmic ones. I’m using FSB Pro trial license. The historical demo data from my broker (Pepperstone) is very small. How can I increase this quickly? Petko mentioned that running MT4 continuously will hep. Does anyone know how long this will take? Should I get a forex VPS and leave MT4 open all the time. How long did everyone stay before they got good historical data from their brokers?

    I also noticed that some indicators in FSB Pro are not in my MT4, for example  Starc Bands, Fisher Transform, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, Ross Hook etc . There are also few indicators in MT4 which may not be in FSB Pro. Will expert advisors generated in FSB Pro work if  they can’t find the exact indicator in MT4?



    Hello Ossaio,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Yes, the brokers provide small Historical data from the beginning, this is a fact. You do not really need VPS to collect data. If you use a computer/laptop you might leave the MT opened there. Even you close it from time to time, it is not a problem for the data. Just regularly go over the currencies and press the Home Key. Also, you can save it as hst files to make sure you are not going to lose it.

    Yes, in FSB Pro there are many custom indicators that you can use. And yes, you can use them in Expert with Meta Trader. The indicators are inside the code of the EA, so it does not matter they are not in Meta Trader. Also, you do not need to place the indicators on the chart when trading with the Expert Advisors.


    Thanks Petko for the quick response.

    Bob Smith

    Ossaio, it took me like 3-4 month to collect data on M15. Actually depends how much you want, but you can calculate it:

    One m15 bar x 4= 1h x 24 =1 d. So one day is 96 M15 bars. Than depending on how many bars you have and how many you want, you can calculate how many days you will need to wait.


    Thanks Bob. I didn’t even consider that it can be calculated. I’ll leave mine open for a couple of months then.

    Bob Smith

    Yes, I know this method from Petko, and it turns out to be the most realistic way to calculate broker demo data


    As a newbie trader I have about 75k bars with my broker demo data on M1, is that fine?


    Hey Chingi,
    yes that that is just normal. I see that you have removed the 65k limitation in broker demo data that comes by default.


    Hi Petko,

    Mine seems much smaller than Chingi’s. My broker is Pepperstone and I’m on a demo account. I set Max bars in history to 10million and Mars bars in chart to 100k. Using GBPJPY as an example, below are the number of historical bars after pressing the home key

    M1: 16391 bars,  M5: 8252 bars,  M15: 4160 bars,  M30: 4192 bars,  H1: 4144 bars,   H4: 4204 bars,  D1: 4114 bars,  W1: 1028 bars, MN1: 257 bars.



    Hey Ossaio,

    I use Pepperstone for crypto trading but I have the broker demo data been collected from long time.

    I think you should get more….try closing the platform, reopen and again press the home key.

    and is this data for all assets as the major currencies, or just for GBPJPY?


    Hi Andi,

    It is about the same for other currencies and assets. I close the platform everyday and nothing changes. Historical data remains the same. Only current bars are being collected. It seems creating strategies with such small data volume might not be ideal. I’ll see what it can generate while I wait for another 2 months.


    Hey Ossaio,

    Glad to hear from you.

    Well, yes the data is too small for some reason, and it will be hard for you to generate robust strategies with this small data.

    Normally, when you open account it should be about 65k-70k bars on M1.

    You can use the Meta Trader – Demo on EA Studio(that is data coming from JFD broker).


    I’ve been collecting live data instead of demo to train on. Hard to get enough as with any broker but so far so good.


    Thanks Petko. I’ll check the Demo data on EA Studio.


    Hey Roman,

    yes I know it is a headache to collect data, and the best is to collect the broker demo data, and the broker live data. Also, it is easy to compare if they are similar if you place a strategy in EA Studio, and change just the Data source

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