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    Hi Everyone,


    Just curious as to what your plans for trading around Brexit time are?

    I’m not sure many backtests will have included something like this before, will you be disabling the Autotrading button in Metatrader?!…


    Hello Simon,

    according to me, there are events all the time on the market. I personally trade all the time and I do not want to stop even when the Brexit is there.


    I think Brexit won’t influence trading anyhow.

    Just my point of view.


    The funny thing again came with the speculations…”If there is a deal and UK is out, the GBP will fall”

    Well, there is the deal and the GBP is really strong…

    That is why I really prefer trading with the Experts and not following the fundamental staff, except the Interest Rates which actually impact the market and they can change the trends.

    However, if you feel uncomfortable with GBP, just trade the other currency pairs. That is great with the Forex, that we have actually a huge choice.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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