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      User Avatarkolbfa@gmail.com


      I took a simple strategy (see attachment) and backtested the EA in MT5 and on this platform with the editor. The results are completely different. In the attachments I documented the results from the 2 platforms for reference. Net profits, number of executed trades, number of calculated bars differs a lot.

      Can somebody please explain why?



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      First of all, I am glad you made the effort to backtest and compare the results because many skip that important part.

      Second, I would need some more info so I can probably guess from where comes the difference:

      1. Could you, please, attach a screenshot from the Backtest Overview on MetaTrader so I can see how you set it up

      2. Make sure to check how many digits your broker offers after the decimal comma.

      I see in the Marketwatch that your broker has no digits? Only round numbers in dollars. It is supposed to be at least with 1 or 2 digits (cents in this case) Honestly it is the first time I see a broker offering such prices.

      3. Why do you compare 93 trades on EA Studio with 324 on MetaTrader. Make sure to select the same period for the backtest.

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      Hey mate,

      You are missing the main issue. It is with the digits of your broker. I will try to explain it simply. Stay with me.

      This strategy has a Stop Loss of $1220. But this is for the regular brokers that have two digits after the decimal comma.

      They would display the price, for example, $41500.00. And there we might have the $1220 SL. But when your broker offers the price without the cents then the SL is not actually $1220. I guess it is just $12.20. The EAs read the digits, this is programming. So when the number of digits is different then the SL and the TP will be different. It’s not about how high the price of Bitcoin is compared to the cents.

      When you make the backtest, check the orders and see the result when the SL is hit. Is it $1220? This is why your backtest has more number of trades, because the orders are closed much faster because of the smaller SL and TP (because the digits are less).

      Hope that makes sense.

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      User Avatarkolbfa@gmail.com

      Hi Petko,

      I don’t fully understand. With my broker, there are no digits behind the “.”. This means 1 pip = 1$. So if you see my settings from previous post (why I can’t see that post? Still awaiting moderation), the SL = 1220 pip = 1220$. Whereas with your brokers with 2 digits, the SL would be 120000 pip. This is the way I understand it. So from my point of view, the input settings are correct and reflect the correct TP and SL in pips.

      Any idea?


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      Hey mate,

      I shared with you what I think, it is up to you if you want to take the advice or not 🙂

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      User Avatarkolbfa@gmail.com

      Hi Petko

      Thanks for the fast reply. Here my further input.

      1. Attached at the end of this post

      2. Yes, it offers 0 decimal digits for BTCUSD. I think, it doesnt really matter, at least for testing purposes, since BTC price is very high compared to decimal digits.

      3. This is exactly what irritates me. MT5 finds 324 trades whereas your editor only finds 92 trades. Also the number of bars in the respective charts differ by approx 7000 bars. I am 100% sure I used the same period for both tests.


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