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      User Avatarme.daniel85

      Hi everyone,


      I have been testing out the Expert Advisor Studio after taking up the courses. Very satisfied with the results of one of the EAs I have made using the Reactor.

      But I was wondering, if there is an option for auto lot sizing based on the risk amount you are comfortable with? I tried editing the codes using the MetaEditor; after compilation there are no errors but the EA is not adjusting the lot size accordingly.


      Any one can help? Or direct me in the right direction. =)

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      User AvatarDeniza

      Hello Daniel,

      EA Studio is just amazing. When you work with it for a longer time you will realize how good EAs you can create.

      I am not sure if the auto lot is possible, but that is not really necessary because the idea here is to trade with many EAs in one account. Like you did a good one already. When you build few more like this(for example 10) you will be able to trade them simultaneously. This is where the beauty comes. You will have a portfolio, and you will diversify your risk. Let’s say you want to trade with a complete lot. You can trade with 0.1 lots each strategy.

      If your account goes on a profit, you can either increase the lots to 0.11 or you can add another EA which for me is the better way.

      Hope that gives you a better idea.


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      Hello Daniel,

      Glad to hear you are happy with the EAs and the Reactor. There is no auto lot for a few reasons:

      1. Let say you use 0.01 for entry amount. If your account goes on a profit, and you want to increase it, the next step will be with another 0.01, which is 100% more. But this means that account should have made 100% profit…

      2. If the lots increase with every new position, there is a huge chance that the higher lot will be on losing trades.

      3. If all trades are with different lots (according to the risk management) it will be very hard to follow precise statistics for the EAs.

      Simply, trading becomes much harder instead of easier.

      Kind regards,

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      User AvatarRoman

      @Dan- FSB is the software we have at our disposal that can take account balance into consideration for position sizing. As for EA Studio i follow Petko’s advise. I’ve been trying to balance out my drawdowns so I used .01 till my account reached back to break even. Then since I only have 10 EA’s on the live account I simply went through them right clicking and editing the position size of each increasing them. Doesn’t take much time at all. Can be done in about 60 seconds or less. Hope that helps!

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      Thanks for making this clearer, Roman. Another thing is that if we withdraw money from the account, we can decide if we want to keep trading the same lots or not. If it is auto – it will mean that the lots will reduce according to what we have taken from the account.


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      User AvatarMatthias Bessler

      Me, and alot of other people hate fixed lot.

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      User AvatarMatthias Bessler

      Missing autolot makes this whole project worse.

      Its a basic feature.

      I added it now by myself.

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