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      User Avatardonaldmoore

      Petko: You use a minimum 70 for the r squared in the initial reactor, then you lower it to minimum 50 for the training and minimum 50 for the trading. Hasn’t the 70 already eliminate every strategy below 70 before you run the collection criteria, so none should be eliminated by the following 50 minimum criteria? It seems like you should use a number above or equal to 70 for the training and above 70 for the trading periods. Or am I missing the understanding of the use or r squared in the collection criteria?

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hello Donald,

      The becktest equals to In Sample + Out of Sample part. If you place only r-squared to the complete backrest, I think this might lead to strategies that will have lower backtest value to the out of sample because it is very small as 10%. However, I understand your point, and I am sure Petko will give better answer.

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      Maybe this way the generator works. It works first on the In sample part, tests the strategies, and then confirms with the acceptance criteria for the complete backtest.

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      Hey guys,

      here is my answer. When we use the OOS the complete backtest is the sum of In Sample and Out of Sample part. But, if we select r-squares higher than 70 for example, this does not mean that In Sample will be above 70 or Out of Sample will be above 70. Actually, it could be much lower. See example:


      That is why in the course I teach that it is good to place values for the In Sample part, and for the Out of Sample part, and at the same time for the Complete Backtest. This way we will make sure that each part will have smooth equity line.

      Hope that makes it clearer.


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      User AvatarAndi

      Thanks for making it clear, Petko. I was not sure in my answer, but I see I was close 🙂

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      User AvatarAndi

      I wanted to say that this Aussie dollar trading course is just great!

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      You are welcome, Andi! Glad I made this clear. R-squared is a bit more complicated statistical method, and you are very welcome to ask questions.

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      User AvatarMeryjonestexas

      Aussie dollar trading course is a little bit advanced for me because I am a beginner in Algorithmic Trading. As shared I suffered from struggling with developers and I am just learning now the essential of trading with strategy builders and expert advisors.

      Also, I saw a lot of statistical information and statistics was not my great power in the university so I will leave this Aussie dollar training course for the end and I will look for the basic algorithmic trading courses that are available in the Optimal pack that I took.

      Another idea from me, sorry if it is another silly idea, but I think it would be great if you make some kind of lists which will suggest the new Traders the order to watch the courses from the Pack. This way I will not spend the time to watch one of the course to realize that it’s too advanced for me and then going back to the basic course. And then I will need to go back again to the advanced course.

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      Hi Mery,

      It is very hard for me to create such a list even I had it as an idea before just because all the traders that come to the academy are with different experience in trading. I don’t know what is your experience, I don’t know what is your knowledge of trading.

      And we already have thousands of students joining our trading courses so if we build such a list we cannot make it general so everyone can use it.

      Also, each course is individual and is suitable for beginners and advanced traders.

      The other thing is that everyone is interested and different things. Some are interested in algorithmic trading, some are interested in manual trading, am I interested in cryptocurrency trading. This is why we have different sections for the trading courses and by looking at the name you can understand which are the courses that are suitable for your trading experience and for your trading style.

      If you see a course starting with the word basic it means it is focused on the more beginner traders and will give you an idea on how to use the expert advisors or the trading platform and of course with every trading course I include strategies that will demonstrate to your actual trading.

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      User AvatarBob Smith

      Hi Petko,

      this clarification about R- squared was very important for me about In Sample and Out of Sample.

      I always say to my self: Ok, that’s it, I know what to do!

      And then I see another video of yours, another course, and still something more to learn and improve. 🙂

      But, glad you are doing this, so we can improve more and more.

      Kind regards,

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      Hey Bob,

      Glad to hear from you. You should never say that, or at least add one ” for the moment” at the end of that sentence.

      EA Studio became a very professional and complexed strategy builder, and it gives many possibilities. I have been generating EAs with it every day, and I can tell you that there is always what to learn more from it, more to improve the systems, and more to find out.

      In the Aussie dollar trading course, I showed two methods that actually are using very small pieces of the software.

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