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    Hello everyone,

    i have been using the auto trading since the middle of 2018 and i am almost at 100% of ROI of my 5000 initial investment (1:30 leverage).

    I have always used M15 M30 and H1 as timeframes and i have never used in real M5 and M1 because in DEMO i saw too many orders opened and not so much profit.

    Have you ever found useful this two timeframes? Do you earn good money from it?


    Hello Edu,

    I am very happy to hear that you did such an ROI for half a year! I can tell you that this is a great result! Good job!

    As you know from my courses I like to use M15, M30, and H1. Now, in some of the courses, I show M1 and M5 but these EAs are always filtered with longer time frames. Basically, I use FSB Pro to place LTF filters in the EAs.


    Wow! Fantastic result there Edu!

    100% ROI for 6 months makes 200% yearly if you succeed to keep it up. Imagine the bank will give you just 2-3% at the moment 🙂

    Looking back the last six months I am on 67%, so you did really well!


    Thank you Guys!

    Thank you Petko, yes i noticed and i was following your instructions but i didn’t understand that with the Expert Advisor studio you were using only that time frames!

    Thank you jordan, yes i am very happy. Hopefully this will be a good Year!


    To make it clear, I do not say that M1 and M5 are not good time frames to be used with EA Studio, I am just used to generated strategies on FSB Pro for these time frames.


    Hello Edu,

    would you mind share something more from your trading? Like what currency pairs you trade, how did you build your portfolio, the risk management you take?

    It will be very interesting to me, and I believe to the others 🙂


    I am curious to hear more of your experience, Edu.

    For me is very hard to be consistent during the month because I always change my strategies, risk management, my whole trading portfolio.

    Also, if you share what type of expert advisors you are using how did you generate them this would be great.

    You are another proof that Petko is a great teacher 🙂


    Hey Edu,

    I use M1 and M5 with portfolio Expert Advisors. Recently I made 4 portfolios, each one has about 20-30 strategies inside.

    I am not focused on the number, but more to choose the strategies with the acceptance criteria.

    I trade them for one month, and during this month I generate new ones, and I add the good ones to the portfolio.



    Hello Stephen,

    good job! In my Portfolio Expert Advisors course, I show trading many strategies with EURUSD.

    If you have seen the course, you will know that I trader M1 and M5, but there the idea is different  – I start trading with all the strategies, and I remove the ones that perform not as expected.

    It is good that you keep generating new EAs all the time. This way you will maintain the number of Experts in the portfolio.

    Kind regards,

    Iohan Dive

    So as far as I understood it will be good to generate the strategies for M1 and M5 with EA Studio but to trade them with portfolio Experts?


    Petko AleksandrovPetko Aleksandrov

    Hello Iohan,

    This is how I use the lower time frames, but that this does not mean that there are no other alternatives. There are many.

    Keep in my that in my courses I share how I am doing it, but I never said: ” You should do it the same way.” I am just showing my methods and the best thing would be if you use them but in your way, with your approach. Hope that makes sense.



    Hello, Edu!

    Fantastic result for 6 months! Keep it up!

    Petko AleksandrovPetko Aleksandrov

    Fantastic results, indeed!


    I stick with the strategies on M15. Why would you try to go for more difficult trading when the simple one works fine.

    In Jan and Feb I have unseen results so far. In March for 10 days, I am over 1000 pips. Al of my EAs are on M15, so I would not change a thing.

    I know many traders are enthusiastic to create EAs with what they used to do before EA Studio, but that is wrong.

    Look at the results the software gives you. Run a couple of generators with the same acceptance criteria on different time frames and see where you get the most profit.  That’s it.


    Hello Van,

    thank you for sharing your experience. I am new in the Academy and EA Studio but I was planning to start from M15 chart too. I saw that Petko uses this time frame a lot in his trading courses.

    Great to see you have such results.

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