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    Hello algo traders!

    I decided to open a topic where I will share my results from testing Portfolio Expert Advisor.

    I have been trading with regular Expert Advisors for over 2 years now, and the results that I have the last year made me really an independent trader. No need to buy EAs or program by myself. EA Studio does that. Now, I was always delaying the Portfolio Experts, but one day I said to my self ” If Petko uses it, I have to use it as well!”

    It took me about two months to generate, test and combine strategies, and I have finally placed the best portfolio I created on a live account.

    Here is the graph for the last 2 weeks:

    Portfolio Expert Advisors results

    These are the 10 strategies I have inside the Portfolio EA:

    Expert Advisors

    The Portfolio Expert Advisor is trading on EURUSD:

    EURUSD currency pair


    This is the Account History in MetaTrader:

    MetaTrader results

    I decided to use EURUSD for real trading because I wanted to pay the low spread, and at the same time, the results I had last months were best on the EURUSD pair. If it continues this way, I will double my account in one month time….crossed fingers πŸ™‚

    Good luck all!

    Sharapova Sisi

    Hey Andi!

    Very motivating to see your results. They are really amazing. You did 3k for 2 weeks, man! Very aggressive and successful! Good job!

    My best results for 2 weeks with the Portfolio EAs is 1600EUR in a 15k account. So still much to reach you.

    Happy to see such results!!!


    Hey Andi,

    Glad to hear you are into the Portfolio EAs. You results look great! Good job! Very proud of you and the progress you did!


    Hi Sharapova,

    thanks for the kind words. I would be glad if my work motivates the others. Of course, these are some quick profits I did. I aim at the longer-term trading so let’s see how it goes.



    Hello Petko,

    thank you! All the progress I did is because of your precious education and the EA Studio software. I would not imagine anymore trading another way. Before I was just losing in manual trading. Here is the real thing and I am very glad I found you and the Academy almost two years ago.


    Heeeey Andi,

    Happy to see you sharing your results! They look really nice! Any chance you share the EAs? πŸ™‚


    Well, Petko does share his EAs why not πŸ™‚ Let me attach them somewhere and I will put a link.



    Hey Andi,

    Thanks for shareing your result with the rest of us here on the forum, very inspirational to see what is possible when you put time and effort to make good strategy.

    May i ask how much did you start with this portfolio?

    And do you got any advice for a beginner?


    Also keep us update on this, very excited to see what happen


    Hey mate,

    I started the account with 10k. I was quite busy and I really forgot to share the EAs. Once I am home, I will attach and send them.

    Well…what to say, man, you need to practice a lot. Do not hurry with live trading until you are satisfied with the EAs you trade on a Demo. I did the mistake to rush in live trading and I did not get the results I expected.

    And maybe the most important and valuable advice is to listen to Petko’s courses and pieces of advice πŸ™‚

    And post in the forum questions as max as possible, this will teach you a lot. There are many experienced fellows even not all of them write a lot in the forum, which is understandable. It is free will.



    Wow Andi!

    Congratulations on the results! Very good!


    I would like to know if after generating the eas they were put straight into the live account or have gone through a trial period on the demo account.

    Did you use any EAS settings other than what Petiko usually teaches in courses? What time frame have you used?

    Could you also tell whichΒ  broker you used?



    Sharapova Sisi

    I see that he used M1 time frame. I liked it…still waiting for the EAs Andi πŸ™‚


    Hey Andi. Those are some amazing results you got there. What are the Acceptance criteria you used while generating the strategies? I’d also like to understand what criteria you personally use to choose the currency pair to go with.


    Hi, Andi!

    Nice to meet you! I’m Ivelina. You’ve shared very nice results, well done!

    Would you please share you EAs with us?

    Regards from Bulgaria! πŸ™‚


    Hi Andi,


    how is it going to this account?





    This topic was lost down in the Forum, so I thought it would be a nice idea to bring it up again.

    Anyway, who ants to share results with the Portfolio EAs from EA Studio will be great.


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