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      Hello traders,

      For some time now I am working on a new system. Here are some results I have so far:

      As you can see from the results I aim at a low drawdown max 10-15% it depends on the account of course. For the moment it is 1.6% as you can see in the picture above. Also, the Profit factor is above 1.5 which is good enough for me.

      I do not want to give many details until it is fully tested and ready. It is a semi-automated system, but I can say it is nearly fully automated.

      It is a combination of 4 different EAs created with FSB Pro.

      I haven’t decided if I will dedicate a complete course about it or it will be enough to explain it in a few videos.

      I will keep you updated with the results.

      Petko A

      PS And do not look at the small profit, this is because I test it on a 10k account. I think it will be possible to start with 2-3k which will give me a much bigger profit as a percentage. I start with 10k so I can see what is the max drawdown as a value. And from there I will decide how much it is possible to start.

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