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      User AvatarMichael Beasley

      Hi guys,

      so ive done a few courses and have been using ea Studio for about 12 months now will varying success.

      A quick question about using FX Blue to select the best strategies:

      scenario: I create a portfolio and track the results using FX Blue on my demo account. I then wait for my criteria to be met of at least 5 trades and 1.2 profit factor or above.

      i then have say 10 strategies that meet the criteria so I then put them on my live account and track my live account with FX Blue.

      Do I then wait for the strategies to complete 5 trades on live and keep the ones with profit factor above 1.2 and take off the ones which have a PF of less than 1.2 over 5 trades?

      i obviously keep the strategies always running on the demo.

      But let’s say on the live account one strategy’s PF drops below 1.2 over 5 trades I tale it off the live account but how do I then recognise it is making money again on the demo? Because the profit factor on the demo as time goes on will be a result of all trades it has ever done. So in my reviewing i will get to the point where a strategy may have done 50 trades over say X months with a PF of >1.2 but in reality the most recent trades may have been all looses so the strategy is no good for the live account at the current time.


      How ow do you go about keeping up with the recent performance of the strategy. I don’t like looking at say ‘performance over the last X days or weeks’ as all strategy’s trade at different frequency’s.


      Just wondering how how everyone else does this?

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hello Michael,

      Nice topic and question! I have been using EA Studio for even longer and I can say it is really not easy to follow the results. We create many EAs, and trade many assets, it is hard to keep it up.

      What I personally do is to look at the long and the short term performance. In FXBlue I change the dates looking at the last quarter of the year and the last 2 weeks. If I follow the performance of EAs on Demo and live I want to know how they do in the longer term and at the same time how they go in the recent market. This method Petko shared with me in 1:1 class and it works for me.

      So if I look at Profit Factor 1,2, I would like to use in my live the EAs on Demo that show 1,2 profit factor for the last 3 months and as well for the last 2 weeks.

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      In most of the courses, I share my own methods. Of course, it does not really mean you have to do it 100% the same.

      Try to experiment, test and see which one will work best for you. The most important thing to learn is always to try to improve your system.

      A common mistake is that people test EAs with certain methods, and they leave the EAs and for months they just test them and wait. USE THIS TIME to improve your methods, use this time to look for a better way that you will start after the test is complete.

      Every day I try o improve the strategies with EA Studio, with FSB pro with the statistics. It is all about that. We need to catch up on the market moves and we need to look always for the better method. But once again, the better method for me might not be the best for you. It depends really on the personality, the type of trader you are, your risk tolerance and so on…

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