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      User AvatarJIE YING FANG

      Hi Petko,
      I have been running the 99EA’s continually for each month since October 2018
      I have each month loaded onto its own DEMO account, all with the same lot size and they’ve never been switched off (except Sat/Sun to catch any software updates)
      So, I have a little bit of uninterrupted history to test the EA’s profitability in real time trading.
      Each demo is attached to its own FX Blue account so I can track the individual performance of each month’s results.
      Every Saturday I run the FX Blue report which shows me the best performers for Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb 99 EA”s
      So tracking the real performance (not just a backtest) I can see the best of 495 EA’s
      Each Saturday after downloading each Excel spreadsheet, I sort the results from best to worst based on Net Pips (not Net Profit)
      I draw a line under 200 pips, so any EA that has generated 200 pips and higher gets to trade on my live account.
      As time went on, I began to wonder about the logic behind the results.
      My feeling was that the newer months had an advantage over the older months, as the older months really had to perform to maintain a minimum 200 pip threshold.
      It didn’t occur to me that I could filter the results showing only the past 7 days results.
      So, I will now begin to filter only the past 7 days and this will give a truer idea of the best performers during current market conditions as per your advice in the courses.
      Anyway, keep up the great work Petko -love following these EA’s every month, I’ll keep the forum posted on my real account trading results from using this method.


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      User AvatarAndi

      Hello Jie,

      you seem to be very consistent in your work which is great!

      As far as I understand you are testing all months but you are looking at the performance for the current month in FX BLue, right?

      And now you want to look at the results only for the last week?

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      Hello Jie!

      Glad to hear you were doing such a good job over the months! You are welcome, I will do my best to keep up the work, and update the courses with better and better EAs.

      Yes, my testing over the years showed that we should be more concentrated on the recent week or two. And there is no precise solution to that. What you need to accept is a trader is that the market changes. I know you know that everyone knows that. But at the same time, everyone looks for the strategy that will work consistently over time.

      Same when we trade with Expert Advisors. We want to find this best period to test the EAs, this best acceptance criteria, and this best method to filter the strategies which we can use in time. But again, the market changes. So it is really all about testing and testing, and if you find now that looking at the last week will bring you better results, that might not be the best after a couple of months.

      So what you are doing is just great, keep it up, always have in mind to look for the better and better solution. This way you will go with the market.

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      User AvatarJIE YING FANG

      Thanks Petko –
      Hi Andi – yes, correct.

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      User AvatarSharapova Sisi

      I think I will start to collect all the EAs from Petko 🙂

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      Sisi, if you need some of the old months EAs, drop an e-mail and my colleagues will send it to you. We keep it all.

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      User AvatarFsgi

      Hallo friends,

      Very interesting topic this one, and congratulations to Jie for the systematic work.

      Would it be possible to have an idea of the results? Which is the final profitability of the EA rotation strategy, once a week, the best 10?

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      User AvatarAndi

      Yeah, Jie did not say anything else. I am curious about his tests 🙂

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      User AvatarFsgi

      Petko, do you eventually have a record of the systematic use of this rotation strategy over a decently long time? I say because logically it looks quite tricky.

      If you base rotation on the results of the last two-three days, isn’t there a high probability that the results you are basing the choice on, are just “random”? It is not uncommon that well-performing strategies have two-four losing streaks, and bad performing two-four winners, just by chance…

      Anybody else can show results of three-six months live-demo? If not, I will perhaps make it.

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Hey Fsgi,

      The thing is that everyone has a different approach on how to manage the portfolio accounts. And I am sure that it is not only me who change it all the time. Nearly at the end of everymonth, I change the acceptance criteria, the rules I follow the keep the EAs on live and to remove from there and so on…

      Placing EAs in one account and keep trading only with them for a few months would be more accurate, but this is exactly what I learned from Petko Aleksandrov – we need to keep switching the EAs and to keep trading with the profitable EAs.

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      Hello Fsgi,

      Haliffa is quite right about what she says and here are 3 more things from me:

      1. You do not need statements. Why? Because these are results from the past. Last months or years. There is never a guarantee that this performance will last in the future. That is why I do not encourage the traders in the Forum to share results. Simply, they would mean nothing in the present.

      2. Statements bring hope and promise. In a few of my first courses, I showed results and statements which immediately were accepted as a promise. The first students came in a few months and said why I can not get the same results as you did? Many reasons: lack of experience, bad money management, and many other things starting from the creation of the EAs, the Historical data, spread, commissions etc.

      3. Try to avoid looking for results from the others. When you are trading, it is only you and the platform. You can learn from others but concentrate on your results, on your performance and your strategies that you are using. It is you and your money that you are risking. That is why you need to free your mind from the old understanding about statements, others prove any strategy works, or others make a profit, so I will make profit now. No! It is you, the platform and the price. Nothing else matters.

      Hope it makes sense. Cheers,

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      User AvatarJIE YING FANG

      Hi Guys,

      I couldn’t agree more with Petko and the “3 points” he makes regarding results.

      As a conclusion to my opening statement in this post, not so much regarding the money value of the results (profit or loss) but about the EA’s and their longevity. I’m running 1386 of the 99 EA’s provided by Petko in the monthly updates continuously. Each of the 99 per month have their own FX Blue account for analysis. I have 14 demo accounts and create a new one each month – are here’s what’s happened.

      Not even ONE of the accounts is in profit, but the losses are minimal.

      So, as time went on I realized that what Petko teaches is absolutely correct (funny that) The market changes continuously and the 99 EA’s have no chance to keep up. BUT within the 99 each month are hidden gems and we need to only use those ones. So, I ran the results of each demo since the beginning of their life and chose the only the top Net Pips performers. Guess what? kept on losing money, why? because the back testing time was too long, and the market changed. So, I shortened the filter period to the last 7 days. No good, too short. I’ve now filtered the report to show the best Net Pips in the current quarter. Result – magnificent.

      Last quarter filter is not too long that the market changes so dramatically and not too short that there’s not enough performance history for the EA. So what I’ve done is drawn a line under any EA that generates 300 pips or more within the last 3 months. Those EA’s then qualify to go into their own demo account for testing. The results are the best I’ve ever had , quite unbelievable and I’ll be loading them into my live account on the 1st June.

      I bought an old laptop (refurbished) from eBAy for $80 and only have the demos accounts on it and run it continuously. This is the only way to assess the true profitability of each EA. The EA’s Petko provides us with each month are brilliant. I’ve not been able to beat them with my FSB generated ones as yet.

      So, I hope this gives an insight from another traders angle and thank you Petko for the great site, education and most of all the monthly 99 EA’s

      I will keep the forum updated with this strategy.







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      User AvatarBart Meijrink

      Hey Jie,

      thanks for sharing your experience. Looks like you do really a great job testing the EAs.

      For me, I have no doubt in Petko and his methods of teaching. I take every new course and put a lot of efforts to learn the maximum of it.

      First, I was thinking to create my new EAs with my logic in trading, but then I decided to take the courses. I have the 99 EAs course from a few months now, and I still succeed to test them all, but how do you keep so many EAs on one computer? Have you installed 14 platforms on one laptop?

      So far I test the EAs for the last 6 months, and from every month I take 6-7 fantastic EAs that I put on live. Results are nice so far, but I am always interested to improve them 🙂

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      User AvatarJIE YING FANG

      Hi Bart,

      I’m able to keep so many EA’s on my computer because I open multiple demo accounts. Each demo can only hold 99 charts, so each month I need to open a new account.

      Let me know if you need any help in copying the accounts and I’ll post a web link you can watch how it’s done.



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      User AvatarRoman

      Good afternoon Jie,

      Very interesting post here. I’ve been struggling to figure out an effective way to track, and indeed Quarterly is what I’ve been using to develop the EA’s but didn’t think about pulling or adding them to and from the account accordingly. Looking at it now, I can see strategies that did horrendous last Q, but are studs during current. Am I assuming correct that you will start your rotation of EA’s every month, but tracking their previous 3 months? Or looking at the FXBlue breakdowns every Q and make the decision then? You say June 1st, but doesn’t Q3 start in July?


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      User AvatarJIE YING FANG

      Hi Roman,

      Sorry, I should have realised that my description of the Quater was any period back 3 months from the beginning of the month from where I’m testing.  I just look at the results from where I am, not the exact definition of the true Quarters. Yes, you’re correct in saying that the backtesting of each Quater begins each month based on the FXBlue reports.

      Just to clarify, the EA needs to have made at least 300 pips within the last 3 months to qualify a placement in the live account.





    • #12629

      Hello Jie, good you made it clearer. I got your point, but the way it was written it really sounded you follow the actual Quarters which are known in Finance.

      I am glad that my pieces of advice were in help and I wish you to keep doing the same good job!

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      The 99 EAs for the Bitcoin this month were really awesome! I did great profits during the last 2 weeks. The first two weeks of the month I tested them on Demo, and I placed the Top 20 on my live account. The profits are really amazing…I guess it is because of the volatility with the BTC the last week, and of course because of the EAs that Petko provides 🙂 Thanks!

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