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      Hi Petko & everybody,

      I’m new here and this is my first official post. Please bear with me, I’m trying to make my question as clear as possible.

      Please correct me if I’m wrong…

      1. Using EA Studio, would it make any difference whether I create an EA based on “0.01” or “0.1” or “1”  lot size? I think not!

      2. If not, then lot size is irrelevant when I create the EAs… Meaning: It doesn’t matter what lot size the EAs are based on, since I can adjust the lot size manually (when I put the EA on the chart), as things progress, depending on how many EAs I’m running and according to my equity or balance. Right?

      3. In that case, no running on demo account needed if I only change the lot size! Right?

      4. But would one EA created based on 0.1 lot size perform (e.g. same P/L = Profit/Loss) EXACTLY as 10 of the same EA only with the lot size manually changed to 0.01?

      5. In contrary, if I create EAs based on a “Period” (TF = time frame, ex. M15), it’s not recommended to run it on a different TF without running it on demo first, right?


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      Hey Asser!

      I am glad to see you in the forum!

      1. No, the strategy will be the same; just the result will be accordingly.

      2. Exactly!

      3. I always suggest the students test the EAs on Demo, but if you change the lot, you do not need to test the EA again. It is the same strategy behind the EA.

      4. Yes, if this is the same EA. But why would you trade ten times the same EA instead of 1 chart with 1 EA?

      5. When you create EA for M15, you should be trading it on M15.

      Let me know if I answered all.


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      Hej Petko,

      Yes you did and I appreciate your answers as they help me to better understand EA Studio.

      1. In that case the lot size box in the EA Studio is irrelevant and could practically be removed since the lot size has no relevance whatsoever to the related strategy.
      (Please… it’s not a suggestion, I’m just a newbie trying to understand the logic behind the system)

      I was planning on creating strategies based on different lot sizes to see what size of account balance would sustain the strategies – That’s my newbie logic… Don’t laugh!

      3. What I meant was:
      There’s no need to re-run a strategy on demo, (one more time), if I just change the lot size. Of course demo trading is recommended.

      4. Good point!
      The only reason (I can think of) for trading 10 EAs of 0.01 in stead of 1 EA of 0.1 is to be organized and avoid adjusting the lot sizes up and down… I don’t know yet what’s more practical:
      – Operating with EAs of the same lot size and adding more of them as the trading progress positively,
      – or changing the lot size on ONE chart to 0.1 (and thus deleting 9 charts of 0.01 each).

      5. See, that’s logic because:
      I you cannot say the same about lot size:
      For example: “When you create 0.1 EAs you should be trading 0.1 EAs”.



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      Hey Asser,

      I am glad to hear that I succeeded to help you.

      1. Yes.

      2. You just create the strategies and then you can change the lots, but we usually use the same lots for all strategies.

      3. Yes.

      4. That is up to you. Some traders prefer to trade many EAs with 0.01 and just add new EAs. Others use a few of their top EAs and just increase the lots according to their trading account.

      Kind regards,

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