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User AvatarStefanos Ioannou

Thanks Cone.

Well I am trying to find EAs that are in their profitable phase and move them to live after gathering the statistics on demo. I was happily surprised on Friday as it was the first day I could move some good EAs to live and i got really great results. I mean 4 ea’s generated 5 winning trades. I don’t want to get ahead of myself again but I really hope this approach works. It is so easy. And if it does work a 20% sounds possible!

On another note, I have EA’s that do a huge profit factor. For example right now I have 22 EAs on live account with a profit factor above 3. Isn’t this amazing? I mean some EAs have profit factor of 10, 15, 20 (!). Was I just lucky this time or are such statistics normal?

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