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User AvatarSteveM2025

HI Petko, I have checked out FSB Pro and I see the feature where the EA can add lots to open trades. I am going to trial a few of these EAs but that was not quite what i had in mind.

I have a couple of promising EAs that have low TP values, high SL values and high win rates, making them profitable.  They trade frequently, sometimes 10-15 trades a week, and when i have long winning streaks the pips cumulate nicely. But I have had a couple of occasions recently when the EA gets stuck on an open trade and price is fluctuating between open price and SL. The longest open trade I had was 8 days. Even though that one turned out to be a win, it was frustrating that I could the EA was not taking other trade set ups because it was stuck in the open trade and is obviously programmed to only trade one at a time. Over that 8 days it probably missed another 20 trades, and when i am reasonably confident this EA is profitable over the long term those missed trades obviously mean missed pips and profit. Is there anyway the EA can be changed to trade every set up, and not just one at a time? This feels like it would be an easy tweak in meta editor, but i am not a programmer, so i don’t want to start playing around with the code and disable my EA in some way. Please do let me know your thoughts, I would also be interested to understand the rationale in having EA studio programme EAs to only trade one trade at a time. Could that not be a user choice option in the Generator, ie: trade one at a time / trade all set ups?

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