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Dear Petko, thank you so much for the system! I have two problems I hope you can help me.

1. I live in the US under FIFO rule, my brokers are IG US, OANDA US, and FXChoice. All three brokers limit historical data between 2000 bars for the small time frames to 12000 bars for the longer time frames. Therefore, I can only get a small “count of trades” when creating EAs. In the small time frames like 5M and 15M with just 2000 bars I can only get 5 to 7 trades because historical data is so limited.

What can I do to get more historical data? (the larger data sets, 12000 bars, go back to 2009 but only for H4 and Daily time frames)


2. Since I live under FIFO rule, I can only have 1 currency pair that trades with 1 EA. OANDA allows nano lots per trade to get around the rule but the EAs trade with fixed lot sizes. Creating subaccounts with the same currency pair and different EAs triggers an account suspension. This includes demo accounts.

How can I monitor multiple EAs on one currency pair with a US regulated demo account?


I really need your help. I’m ready to think outside the box and get creative.


Is there maybe another way of achieving what I want?


All I want to do is create well optimized EAs for US regulated brokers, test them on a US regulated demo accounts, then run them through the validator process, and then push out the top two EAs separately on two US accounts.


Many thanks I really appreciate any help,


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