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@Chingi-Welcome to the group! You’ll find that we are a happy-go-lucky bunch. 🙂

You’ll probably see a lot more of my posts on this forum more recently as I like to share my experience with EA Studio. Take a look at my post about 2019 being a great year and you will see my live account trading results. I’ve already made my initial trading investment and also my cost for purchasing EA Studio for 3 months. I just bought the 1 year license and I’m sure I’m going to make back that investment amount within the next 2 months or sooner. So, I’m looking at 10+ months of sweet, sweet profit for the rest of the year.

I only do automated trading. I look at no charts whatsoever. I have a VPS right now, so I load my EAs on my MT5 terminal and let them go. As long as the markets are open, my EAs are trading. I’ve been involved in trading for about 2 years. I started out with Nadex binary options and loss more than I won some. I tried different outlets to purchase strategies, signals, etc. Nothing worked for me. I was led to Petko’s class because I was interested in trading cryptocurrency. After taking this class, the EA Studio automated trader in me was born. I hate staring at charts. I hate manual trading. Did I mention that I hate staring at charts? Cause I really do. Without EA Studio, I might have given up on trading as a way to make money and possibly replace my full-time job.

I am very satisfied with EA Studio and I encourage anyone that wants to do trading to be sure to purchase this product. Yes, the strategies are real. Yes, I verified with the Strategy Tester that my strategies were about 99% matching ( the difference I found was like the time when a trade was opened and closed, but the end results were still the same). I have not seen any bugs with the performance of the EA generated (in either demo or live trading).

Trading is always going to be a risk. But you can make excellent money in trading. You just have to be smart with your risk and money management (yes, these are 2 different things). Make sure that whatever money you put up to trade with is also money that you’re willing to lose. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is never a stupid question. Listen to Petko’s advice, be open-minded and creative, think beyond the box, and become an Expert in creating strategies with EA Studio. 🙂

These are all just my opinions as the choice is up to you. But know that you have a community here that is in the same boat as you.

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