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@Andi-I’ve been able to generate strategies for all three. I actually have 1 EA trading live right now for oil and silver each. I would definitely recommend to diversify as much as possible. And also be aware that the lot size for trading these assets may be different for Forex. For instance, trading oil at a lot size 0.01 with my broker and a winning position of about 1 pip will equal 100USD. If I was trading Forex, that same lot size would only give me 10USD. So the potential for nice profit is great with the commodities, but I would stress more cautious risk management in regards to lot sizes when trading.

Also, my broker did not have a lot of history for the commodities so the strategies that are generated may not be ones that will last for a long time. So, I just keep an eye on performance and make sure I have a nice group of back up strategies.

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