User AvatarViktor Isaak

Hey guys,

thank you so much for giving me some power to step on my feet with trading. I will do my best to follow your advises! Petko you are the man in educating people! I wish I have found you earler.

Jacpin, you are so kind too! It is great for me to see other;s success. This way I believe that I can do it too.

Now I will focus on testing the EAs from the courses, and creating my own. I do not have the capability to open live account again, because I do not want to trade with anything less than 10k. So I am planning to spend my time creating and testing EAs as you say.

Yes, i know it is great to avoid the emotions and not to look over the chart every 2 min, watching how the price goes against you. I realize how better is trading with Expert Advisors.

Jacpin, may I ask you how long time are you testing the EAs on Demo before placing them on live account?

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